DdEFDdeaf Equality Forward (UK)
DDEFDilbert/Dogbert Empathy Factor
DDEFDavid Douglas Educational Foundation (Oregon)
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With chemical-specific toxicokinetic or toxicodynamic data, a CSAF or DDEF may be developed, resulting in
Furthermore, as discussed in Supplemental Material, the framework described here can incorporate other advances in toxicology and risk assessment, such as probabilistic exposure assessment (see Supplemental Material, "Integrating with probabilistic exposure assessment"), CSAFs or DDEFs (see Supplemental Material, "Chemical-specific/data-derived toxicokinetics or toxicodynamics"), and adverse outcome pathways (see Supplemental Material, "Extrapolation to downstream health endpoints and adverse outcome pathways" and Figure S1).
The abdominal fat weight of DDFF and DDEF genotypes was significantly higher than that of AAEE type (p<0.