DDELDwight D. Eisenhower Library (National Archives and Records Administration; Abilene, KS)
DDELDigital Design Environments Laboratory
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No difference was observed for the SNAP-25 gene MnII (rs3746544) polymorphism; however, Ddel (rs1051312) polymorphism C/C genotype was more frequently found in patients with MS [odds ratio (OR) (95% confidence interval (CI) 2.137 (1.075-4.248), p=0.059].
There were three bands (262, 24 and 13 bp) in the presence of homozygous AA and two bands (275 and 24 bp) in the presence of homozygous GG after enzymatic digestion by Ddel. GG genotype was the most frequent allele in RA (76.6%) and control groups (83.5%).
Each restriction reaction was performed separately in a final volume of 10 [micro]L, using 2 [micro]L of MY09/11 PCR product, 1 [micro]L of 10X recommended restriction buffer and 10 units of the following restriction endonucleases: Psfl (New England Biolabs, USA), HaeIII (New England Biolabs, USA), Ddel (New England Biolabs, USA), RsaI (Promega, USA) and HinfI (New England Biolabs, USA), according to the manufacturer's instructions.
(7.) Gordon Gray, oral history interview by Maclyn Burg, June 25, 1975, OH 342, DDEL.
Nebraska Wesleyan University Junior, political science and Spanish double major Study abroad: Currently at Universidad Catolica ddel Norte, Coquimbo, Chile Further educational plans: Law degree and possibly a master's in public policy or international relations
Ddel polymorphism in coding region of goat POU1F1 gene and its association with production traits.
Ddel restrictions were performed overnight at 37 [degrees]C in 20 [micro]l of total reaction mixture, with 8 [micro]l of the PCR amplification product, 5 U of Ddel enzyme (New England Biolabs), and a final concentration of 1 X DdeI restriction buffer (NEB).
RESTRICTION ENZYME DIGESTION Incubation of the PCR products with restriction enzyme Ddel results in the generation of 5 fragments of different sizes: 442, 342, 278, 210, and 126 by (1).