DDEPDoctoral Dissertation Enhancement Projects
DDEPDerby & Derbyshire Economic Partnership (UK)
DDEPDefense Data Exchange Program
DDEPDefense Development Exchange Program
DDEPDemand Dependency
DDEPDowntown Dickson Enhancement Project (Arkansas)
DDEPDual Degree Engineering Program (Atlanta University Center)
DDEPDecay Data Evaluation Project (est. 1995)
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Another area stressed by the DDEP as being in need of restructuring was the extreme centralization of economic power in the hands of a few conglomerates.
In addition to the above interventions, the DDEP proposed restructuring via a policy of 'growth through redistribution in which redistribution acts as a spur to growth and in which the fruits of growth are redistributed to satisfy basic needs'.
42) In deference to Cosatu, the DDEP also guaranteed organized labour 'a central role in the formulation and implementation of all economic policy'.
The DDEP noted the need for 'increased output and productivity'(47), but avoided specifying that the growth in wages would be in line with that of productivity.
The DDEP appears to subscribe to the theory that it is impossible to sustain growth by competing in international markets on the basis of low wages.
Tracing the policy changes from the DDEP through the two resolutions is instructive as it illustrates changing economic priorities amongst ANC economists and the national leadership.
The DDEP actually built on earlier debates centred around a much narrower band of left-wing academics.