DDEPDual Degree Engineering Program (Atlanta University Center)
DDEPDecay Data Evaluation Project (est. 1995)
DDEPDoctoral Dissertation Enhancement Projects
DDEPDerby & Derbyshire Economic Partnership (UK)
DDEPDowntown Dickson Enhancement Project (Arkansas)
DDEPDefense Development Exchange Program
DDEPDefense Data Exchange Program
DDEPDemand Dependency
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The half-life for each nuclide was obtained from the Decay Data Evaluation Project (DDEP) [1].
Bootsie Ackerman, director of the DDEP, said Pettus Law Firm, Dickson Street Book Exchange, Dickson Street Liquor and E.B.
The rate of deposit growth consistent with long-run competitive equilibrium is DEP* in Figure 1 and corresponds to the vertical line labeled "Perfectly Contestable." If markets are perfectly contestable, deposit growth (dDEP) will be independent of actualized potential competition (dC).
In the short run, market rivalry may even result in a positive relationship between the change in concentration and deposit growth as some incumbent firms attempt to increase market share by increasing dDEP above the level supported by exogenous variables, [z.sub.2].
where: dC = the change in the Herfindahl-Hirschman Index between 1980-1988 dDEP = the change in the log of total county deposits over the same period, and
The 1990 Discussion Document on Economic Policy (DDEP)
Like the Freedom Charter, the DDEP stressed redistribution and state intervention while remaining ambiguous in key areas.
The DDEP proposed a confusing mixture of support for markets, strong state intervention and democratic economic policy formulation: 'The ANC's basic perspective is that of a mixed economy in which all sectors contribute towards defining and achieving national goals and objectives for the benefit of all'.(20) The tensions between state and market, and between strong state intervention and consultation with organs of civil society were not addressed.
For all calculations requiring nuclear and atomic input data for any of the members of the [sup.223]Ra decay chain, with the exception of the [gamma]-ray spectrometry, values were taken from the Decay Data Evaluation Project (DDEP) database [13].
The tabulated emission probabilities obtained from DDEP [13] and the National Nuclear Data Center (NNDC) Evaluated Nuclear Structure Data File [23] for the main gamma-rays in the [sup.223]Ra decay chain were initially used for the source activity determinations.
The efficiency tracing computer program CN2004 (27) was used in the analysis of the LS data after changing the default input file to include the nuclear and atomic data found in the DDEP evaluation (4).
(4) DDEP, Decay Data Evaluation Project Data, http://www.nucleide.org/DDEP_WG/DDEPdata.htm (2008).