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DDESDepartment of Development and Environmental Services
DDESDoctor of Design
DDESDivision of Disability and Elder Services (state government)
DDESDistributed Discrete-Event Simulation
DDESDigital Data Exchange System
DDESData Declaration in Execution Stream (software fault)
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From the numerical results we can conclude that BEHM3(4) is a good method for directly solving second-order DDEs; however, trigonometrically fitting the block method does improve the efficiency of the method tremendously.
A set of reference wind speeds in the range from 9 to 11 m [s.sup.-1] with a one-seventh power-law dependence on height above the ground surface was used to prescribe the wind speed profile at the computational domain inlet for the DDES simulations.
Whilst others on the LOC were working with North Durham CCG, reviewing patient pathways, another committee member agreed to perform a small audit of referrals into ophthalmology in the neighbouring DDES CCG--an area without any commissioned community eye health pathways.
The Delayed DES (DDES) method with the standard Spalart Allmaras (SA) model was used.
A method of solution of problem (1.1)-(1.2) we will propose was already presented in [2] as an approximate method of solution of boundary value problems for delay differential equations (DDE in short) of the form
The DDES had begun investigating the Tobins' property for possible code violations in response to the anonymous complaint.
Multiple case studies with four Japanese DDEs identified eight different types of networks which are related to this type of entrepreneurs: (1) Private networks such as family and friends of entrepreneurs, (2) Vertical networks with customers in COOs, (3) Business networks in COOs, (4) local partners in CORs, (5) local employees in CORs, (6) Diaspora networks in CORs, (7) Transnational entrepreneurial networks, both formal (e.g.
In the previous work, there are several authors that have investigated the numerical solution of DDEs with the problem of vanishing delay and small delay.
"Er na fyddai llawer o neb yn gwybod am lwyddiannau Jac Marmaled Morgan, mi ddes i ar draws rhai o'i edmygwyr sy'n ceisio codi arian ar gyfer cofeb yn ei bentref genedigol.
Plantas de quince dias de edad fueron estresadas con 40 u 80mol.[m.sup.-3] de NaCl; a los 7 y 14 dias despues de iniciado el estres salino (ddes) se determino el contenido relativo de clorofila mediante la lectura de valores SPAD, grado de peroxidacion lipidica (GPL), concentracion de alcaloides, fenoles totales y flavonoides en la hoja y, ademas, se estimo area foliar total biomasa aerea y radical y relacion biomasa radical/biomasa dei vastago (R/V) a los 14 ddes.