DDEXDirectorio de Exportadores de Venezuela (Directory of Venezuelan Exporters)
DDEXDigital Data Exchange, LLC
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Forrester Consulting also anticipates that as more organizations implement DDEX in the future, new entrants and the overall DDEX ecosystem may experience the following benefits:
Where one or both partners have already implemented DDEX standards, the time to automate message exchange with new partners will be significantly shortened.
Benefits of adopting DDEX will further improve with increased adoption
The Forrester TEI study clearly presents the financial rationale for new and existing digital music market participants to incorporate standards for data exchange" states Kirit Joshi, DDEX Chairman.
Microgen firmly believes in the benefits of implementing standards and the Forrester Consulting TEI study clearly outlines the value of adopting the DDEX message formats and choreographies.
Forrester Consulting interviewed four representative organisations operating in the digital music supply chain, subsequently performing financial analysis to compare the costs of DDEX against proprietary standards for data exchange.
To support the automated exchange of information along the digital supply chain, DDEX has standardised the format in which information is represented in XML messages and the method by which the messages are exchanged between business partners.
DDEX was formed in 2006 by an industry-wide consortium of the world's leading companies and organizations involved in the digital music supply chain.
In October 2008, DDEX announced a wave of implementations of its digital communication standards.
The end result of implementing DDEX standards for digital content businesses is faster time to market, improved operational quality and efficiency, improved data quality, reduced transaction management costs, reduced communication costs and reduced development costs.
DDEX is a membership organisation, incorporated as a limited liability company operating under the laws of Delaware.
DDEX is a registered trademark and the DDEX logo is a service mark of Digital Data Exchange, LLC.