DDFSDouble Dynamic Focus System
DDFSDirect Digital Frequency Synthesizer (aka Digital Direct-Frequency Synthesizer)
DDFSDigital Document Filing System (software)
DDFSDistant Disease-Free Survival
DDFSDigital Direct-Frequency Synthesizer (aka Direct Digital Frequency Synthesizer)
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The 5-year estimates for DFS, DDFS, and OS were 70.4% (95% CI 57.9-83.0), 70.4% (57.9-83.0), and 79.9% (68.8-91.1), respectively (Figure 1).
DDF determines specific myofunctional characteristics, which vary according to the existent disproportion.
But when the EORTC 10801 trial investigators examined the 20-year follow-up data (21) there was no significant difference in OS, DFS and DDFS between the two groups.
The main idea was that by calibration a set of DDFs was obtained then a relationship was made in between number of positive degree days and degree day factors which were obtained from the calibration.
DDFS spectral purity depends on the number of the phase output bits used for addressing the ROM.
Unscented Kalman filters (UKF) and divided difference filters (DDF) are two kinds of SPKFs.
The ones preferring luxury liquor, at times, end up spending between $ 5,000 and $ 10,000," Abhijit Das, head of marketing at DDFS, told M AIL T ODAY .
No correlations with DDFS or OS were detected between pre-NACT tumor size measured bymagnetic resonance imaging and post-NACT tumor size established by pathologic evaluation.
Lu, "A probabilistic diagnostic algorithm for identification of multiple notches using digital damage fingerprints (DDFs)," Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures, vol.
DDFS has always looked to engage with customers in multiple ways and this offer is yet another offering from our end for our esteemed travellers.'