DDFTDeep Digital Flexor Tendon
DDFTDynamic Density Functional Theory (physics)
DDFTDepartment of Dairy and Fat Technology (Institute of Chemical Technology; Prague, Czech Republic)
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In CT scans of the carpal joint of the donkey the DDFT was appeared hyperdense while the SDFT appeared hypodense (Kaser-Hotz et al., 1994).
In a retrospective analysis of 76 cases of nonseptic tenosynovitis of DFTS, the tears of the MF were predicted with a sensitivity of 38% compared with DDFT tears, which were predicted with a sensitivity of 71% [4].
Each observer described the following normal structures for each specimen examined: in transverse scans, the proximal pouch of the DFTS synovial cavity, palmar aspect of the DFTS synovial cavity, synovial collateral recess, distal synovial fold, dorsal distal recess of the DFTS, superficial digital flexor tendon (SDFT), MF, DDFT, mesotendon, intersesamoidean ligament, straight sesamoidean ligament, and mesotendons; in MPR and 3D reformatted images, the dorsal proximal recess, palmar proximal recess, collateral recess, palmar distal recess, and dorsal distal recess.
Shortly, for the mid-metacarpal technique, a 4cm longitudinal skin incision was made over the lateral aspect of the DDFT followed by blunt dissection of the tendon.
The reason the dorsal articular angle of the PIP joint decreased to a lesser extent may be explained by the strong stability of the joint provided by the palmar support structures other than the DDFT. As previously stated, overextension of the PIP joint is prevented by its palmar (axial and abaxial) ligaments, the straight sesamoidean ligament as it inserts on the scutum medium and the SDFT (DENOIX, 1994) through its insertions on the distal and proximal extremities of the proximal and middle phalanx, respectively (SISSON, 1981; KAINER, 2002).
Pryce will now head to Spain for the final round of the DDFT in Salou (October 13-16).
Malcolm Wilson, twotime World Rally Championship-winning team principal and managing director of M-Sport - the firm which builds the Ford Fiesta R2Ts used in DDFT, was impressed with what he saw from Pryce.
DDFT victory in 2016 would give Osian and co-driver Dale Furniss the keys to the next step on the road to rallying glory - a full season of WRC2 competition next year.
He returned on the fourth and nal day under Rally2 regulations and despite languishing in 39th place overall and eighth in DDFT, refused to be beaten.
Having finished second to Estonian Sander Parn on the season-opener in Portugal, Tom immediately set his stall out, going second fastest on the first stage but claiming the win with a near-10 second margin on the second, to head the DDFT field at the end of the first day.
By the time he arrived at the end of the first day, he was fifth in the DDFT standings, but most importantly, his car was unscathed.
While Rally GB saw him drive a Ford Fiesta R5 and his last two seasons in the MSA British Rally Championship saw him at the wheel of a Citroen DS3 R3, he did contest the first round of the 2012 BRC in a Fiesta R2, so has some experience of the car he will use in the 2014 DDFT.