DDFVDiscrete Duality Finite Volume
DDFVDeep Dynamic Formal Verification
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In the DDFV context, a discrete version of (1.1) is given for arbitrary meshes in [3].
The main result of our contribution is the proof of discrete versions of both (1.1) and (1.2) in the DDFV context, with constants [c.sub.F] and [c.sub.P] depending only on the domain and on the minimum angle in the diagonals of the diamond cells of the mesh.
The discrete equivalent has applications in the derivation of a priori error estimates for the DDFV method applied to the Stokes equations ([10]).
Let us mention that, although 3D extensions of the DDFV scheme have been published [2, 5, 6], the extension of our results to 3D is beyond the scope of this article.
This is an important result in the DDFV context, since also a priori error estimation of the discrete solution of the Laplace equation obtained with this method only depends on the cell geometries through angles in the diamond-cells; see [11].
Krell, On 3D DDFV discretization of gradient and divergence operators.