DDGADeaf Disc Golf Association
DDGADayton Disc Golf Association (Dayton, OH)
DDGADynamic Dominance Genetic Algorithm
DDGADavid Duval Golf Academy (Japan)
DDGADet Danske Gastronomiske Akademi (Danish: The Danish Gastronomic Academy)
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The AutDAG algorithm has the same memory complexity comparing to the Maini and DDGA algorithms.
The AutDAG algorithm benefit from the simplicity of polynomial encoding, contrary to the DDGA, Maini and OSD decoders which require using the generator matrix for encoding even if the code is cyclic.
It gives also the complexities of Maini algorithm, OSD, Chase-2, SDGA, Chana algorithm, DDGA, PGAD.
Comparing to the Maini decoder, the DDGA algorithm reduces the complexity of decoding the codes of high rates.