DDHDDreams Don't Have Deadlines
DDHDDigital Dynamic High Definition
DDHDDestination Daytona Harley Davidson
DDHDDepartment of Disability and Human Development
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In this paper we use the forecast model of DDHD based on the previous approach.
The course of time series of DDHD contains mostly two periodic components (daily and weekly period).
Pursuant to the mentioned theory and literature a program was created in Matlab, which enables to choose available mathematical statistical model for calculation of prediction of DDHD course.
This paper presents the Box-Jenkins methodology for building up the forecast model of time series of DDHD and the possibility of improvement of this forecast model with help of inclusion of outdoor temperature influence.
From these results and figures above, it is suitable to choose the first differencing of the DDHD (d=1).
As our time series of the DDHD exhibits an obvious seasonal pattern, it is necessary to make an analysis of the seasonal differencing of our time series, as well.
The sample of test result of the model order of the DDHD is included in the Tab.