DDIADubai Development and Investment Authority
DDIADirect Debit Installment Agreement (US IRS)
DDIADistrict Department of Internal Affairs (Ukraine)
DDIADouble-Determinant Immune Assay
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La linea de maiz susceptible fue mas alta en 12,8 cm en promedio con respecto de la linea resistente; hubo diferencias significativas entre tratamientos en la altura de planta durante el ciclo P-V en ambas lineas y se observaron plantas con menor altura cuando el aceite de nim fue aplicado a los 14 DDIA (Fig.
indica a la concentracion de 20,8% realizada antes de la IA, 7 y 14 DDIA no protegio adecuadamente al maiz del dano de S.
En el ciclo I la concentracion 20,8% tuvo menor dano hasta los primeros 14 DDIA, sobre todo en la linea resistente (CML-67).
El dano registrado en las tres epocas de aplicacion (4 h antes de IA, 7 y 14 DDIA) no fue estadisticamente diferente del testigo absoluto en la mayoria de las parcelas, lo que indica que A.
In essence, the areas of activity on which the DDIA focuses include, but are not limited to, the following:
* Matching Investors with investment opportunities: The DDIA is keen on attracting and encouraging local investment through founding and supporting sizeable projects in Dubai.
* Multinational Corporations: The DDIA shows particular interest in global multinationals and aims to facilitate their set-ups in Dubai through "comprehensive value-added offering[s]."
* The DDIA is a main provider of Government and Convenience services to major investors and corporations with the aim of facilitating the establishment of operations, easing legal clearances, and delivering world-class support services (Dubai Development & Investment Authority, 2004).
This Regulatory Governmental Authority, according to Saeed Al Muntafiq--Director General--has as a mission, among other missions, diversifying Dubai's economy so that "70% of its GDP [comes] from the service sector." Besides DDIA's "macro strategy role," it is also concerned with the development of several projects of high caliber and complexity.
Al Muntafiq asserts that "the DDIA is not a Free Zone," and thereby creates no "conflict of interest with other free zones." He adds that the DDIA, which aims at naming Dubai a "global gateway," is "part of the Dubai Government and can issue [its own] regulations and make laws" (Cooper, 2003).