DDICDDi Corp. (not an acronym; formerly Dynamic Details, Inc.; Anaheim, CA)
DDICData Dictionary (SAP)
DDICDelta Dental Insurance Company (Alpharetta, GA)
DDICDVB/DAVIC Interoperability Consortium
DDICDigital Display Indicator Control
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Synaptics' full DDIC lineup provides comprehensive support for panel resolutions ranging from HD, Full HD (FHD), Wide Quad HD (WQHD), to Ultra HD (UHD).
Synaptics' DDIC solutions enable the industry's only billion color displays supported by our innovative Local Area Auto Contrast Optimization (ACO) technology.
Comprehensive Portfolio of Best-in-Class DDICs Supports HD, FHD, WQHD, UHD Resolutions
The investigation centers on whether DDIC shareholders are receiving adequate compensation for their shares in the buyout, whether the transaction undervalues DDIC's stock, and whether DDIC's board attempted to obtain the highest share price for all shareholders prior to agreeing to the deal.
The rating upgrades for DDC and DDIC reflect continued earnings improvement in 2011, which included expenditures for the Enterprise Streamlining Project, strengthening in risk-adjusted capital and organizational leadership in the dental insurance industry and dominant market share in California.
In a realistic manner, this third novel in the series outlines many of the historical changes in DDIC policies and attitudes that have evolved over the past two or three decades.
During a dinnertime discussion, Graham, Palmer, and a pair of older, former DDIC operatives center on their past-to-present experiences in the Command.
By leveraging ClearPad for full in-cell display solutions and DDICs in discrete display implementations, Xiaomi is able to offer customers industry-leading touchscreen performance backed by brighter and sharper Full HD and Wide Quad HD (WQHD) displays.
Smart Displays DDICs Key Features & Benefits (R63422/R63423):