DDIIDewan Dakwah Islamiyah Indonesia (Indonesian: Board of Da'wah Islamiyah Indonesia)
DDIIDiamond Development Initiative International
DDIIDigital Distribution Implementation Initiative (strategic investment planning effort)
DDIIDecare Dental Insurance Ireland, Ltd. (Ireland)
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I became a volunteer for DDII to deliver humanitarian aid.
(4) KOMPAK (Komite Aksi Penanggulan Akibat Krisis--The Action Committee for Tackling the Consequences of the Crisis) was established in 1997 by Dewan Dakwah Islam Indonesia (DDII) in order to alleviate the impact of the 1997-98 Asian Financial Crisis on Indonesian Muslims.
Once this option was cut off, Natsir changed his strategy, establishing the DDII as a vehicle to use 'preaching as a way to engage in politics', in contrast to the way Masyumi 'used politics as a way to preach' (p.
His lengthy career as a Muslim activist also seems to have come full circle: from his involvement in developing Islamic education as a means for Muslim emancipation in the final decades of Dutch colonialism to his prominent role in the DDII, which also focuses on the intellectual and moral formation of young Muslims.
His DDII became the Rabitat's main channel for promoting Wahhabi thought in Indonesia.
The dakwah organization best known for its repeated protests against kristenisasi is the DDII. (11) However, this organization was not the only one to complain about kristenisasi and to be motivated by interreligious competition to promote dakwah.
It has been suggested that the reason for the DDII's bottom-up Islamization stance was because its leaders had realized, following the failures of Muslim politicians to enshrine the so-called Jakarta Charter in the Indonesian constitutional debates of 1945 and 1959, that a top-down Islamization approach simply would not appeal to the vast masses of nominal Indonesian Muslims and bottom-up dakwah was a better way of Islamizing society.
Linrung, a member of the DDII and the former treasurer of the National Mandate Party (PAN) before quitting the post in January 2002, was identified by Omar al-Faruq as a JI operative and a participant in the three Rabitatul Mujiheddin meetings in Malaysia from 1999--2000.
The Saudi partner in Indonesia, the Dewan Dakwah Islamiyah Indonesia (DDII), became the official agent for sending Indonesian students to continue their higher education in Saudi universities (p.
Together with organisations including the Indonesian Committee for the Solidarity of the Muslim World (KISDI), the Indonesian Council for Islamic Propagation (DDII) and figures like Prabowo and Fadli Zon, the Salafi were brought into this elite company via their charismatic emerging young leader Jafar Umar Thalib.
Conservative modernist organizations, such as DDII (Indonesian Council for Islamic Predication) and its offshoot KISDI (Indonesian Committee for Solidarity with the Islamic World), which spent the first two decades of the New Order set in lonely and dangerous opposition to the regime's pro-Western, secular outlook, had been co-opted by Soeharto as he sought to establish new sources of support outside the senior ranks of the armed forces from the late 1980s onwards.
Ramlan Mardjoned and Lukman Fatullah (Jakarta: DDII, 2000), pp.