DDITDNA Damage-Inducible Transcript
DDITDharmsinh Desai Institute of Technology (Nadiad, India)
DDITDemag Delaval Industrial Turbomachinery (Siemens AG)
DDITDifferential Digital Image Tracking
DDITDouble Deduction Incentive for Training (Malaysian Industrial Development Authority)
DDITDeveloped Dimension Information Technology (Saudi Arabia)
DDITDependable Drive In Theater (Moon Township, PA)
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David Owen, Chairman and CEO for ICOP Digital, stated, "We are honored to feature our products at this important show with DDIT, our valued Middle East partner.
Sheikh Hesham Saedan, managing director of DDIT, said, 'In light of the growing priority for security solutions, ICOP and DDIT see the need for expanding our relationship to integrate additional security products and services, and to leverage the strong brand we have established with ICOP and other security products, in Saudi and the region.
Our relationship with DDIT over these past few years has been outstanding, and the growing security market of this region gives us a sense of urgency to establish this joint venture,' Owen added.
Their dedication to high quality products and evidence security is the reason we selected ICOP," Sheikh Mohammed bin Khamis, president and CEO of DDIT, said in information made available to Khaleej Times here.
DDIT has provided the planning, strategy, management, technical support, client relations and all necessary public relations support for pending and future projects in the Kingdom for over a year and now expands its relationship with ICOP to provide leadership for sales and technical support of ICOP products in the Gulf Region.
We are honored to have the opportunity to work with ICOP," said Sheikh Mohammed Bin Khamis, President and Chief Executive Officer of DDIT.
DDIT offers a broad range of applications, ranging from geo-data procurement (satellite data, DEM, land use and land cover data), image processing and analysis, information processing and software development to the provision of turn-key technical assistance projects and customized spatial land management and monitoring systems.
Sheik Mohammed Bin Khamis, President and CEO of DDIT stated, "We are honored to have the opportunity to work more closely with ICOP.
Laura Owen, President and COO of ICOP Digital stated, "Our expanded relationship with DDIT enhances our opportunities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and throughout the Middle East.
The Board of DDIT also announces that Mr Jonathan Carr and Mr Garth Milne have
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