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DDIT3DNA-Damage-Inducible Transcript 3
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Our data showed that several cell cycle related genes, such as DDIT3, PPP1R15A, and GADD45A, were upregulated in the propofol-treated group, while other genes that are involved in cell cycle progression, including CCNA2, CDKN3, CDC2, and CDC25B, were downregulated.
Zhang, "DDIT3 gene break-apart as a molecular marker for diagnosis of myxoid liposarcoma-assay validation and clinical experience," Diagnostic Molecular Pathology, vol.
In the analysis of apoptosis-related genes, which also influences the number of cells, the results show that the 5% [O.sub.2] group had a lower relative abundance of CASP3, HSPD1, BAX, MORF4L2, and PLAC8 and higher relative abundance of DDIT3 transcripts.
The expression of DDIT3 gene is increased in response to the suppression of RIL.
The DNA-Damage-Inducible Transcript 3 (DDIT3) gene, which is activated as consequence of UPR malfunction during apoptosis, was induced and validated by in vitro experiments.
ATF6 AACS 1.198925 MYCN AAGAB 1.031 DDIT3 AAMP 1.237609 RREB1 AAMP 1.005331 STAT2 AAMP 1.085082 STAT3 AAMP 1.268363 STAT4 AAMP 1.067587 CBFB AASS 1.027421 NFYA AASS 1.028667 ARNT AATF 1.000478 TABLE 2: Top 10 TFs in differentially regulatory network.
Generally, this event started from three transmembrane sensors in UPR (unfolded protein response) pathway [26,27], namely, ATF6, IRE1, and PERK, and a lot of downstream molecules, such as Grp78 and DDIT3. Some effective ingredients from herb, such as Tanshinone IIA, have shown the effect of induction of ER stress on prostate cancer cells, and increased expression of Grp78 was identified [28].
The lack of CHOP (DDIT3) makes myxoid liposarcoma less likely.