DDIVDachverband Deutscher Immobilienverwalter eV
DDIVDatabase of Demining Incident Victims
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CASH Firm's cash balances As above LEVR Firm's leverage As above CDIV Cash dividends As above DDIV An indicator variable equal to As above one if the firm pays cash dividends, and zero otherwise Sales_Growth Firm's sales growth Author's calculation SG_SIC3 Average three-digit SIC As above industry sales growth obtained by averaging the sales growth of all firms in a particular three-digit SIC category in a particular year TASS Natural logarithm of total As above assets SA_Age Number of years a firm is As above listed with a non-missing stock price on Compustat and is capped at 37 years SA_Assets Natural log of inflation- As above adjusted book assets (inflation adjusted to 2004) and is capped at (the natural log of) $4.