DDJSDirection Départementale de la Jeunesse et des Sports
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The DDJ and the ZY differ too in the realization of human nature that is bound up with the Dao in each.
(53) Unlike the DDJ, the ZY specifies and emphasizes the rituals for cultivating specific virtues to accord with the Way.
So neither the sage's acting with ziran and wuwei in the DDJ, nor sincerity in the ZY, is the way to ousia.
Aristotle's emphasis on rationality and his careful distinction of it to accommodate changeable and unchangeable objects are devoid of counterparts in the DDJ and the ZY.
While Aristotle claims that there are two parts to the rational soul that grasp changeable and unchangeable objects, respectively, so that the perfection of each is different, neither the DDJ nor the ZY separates the form of man from his matter such that there is a rational soul.
Having compared Aristotle and the DDJ and the ZY with respect to their first principles and implications for ethics, let us turn to Plato.
(80) Let us see how Plato's unity of theory and practice compares with the DDJ and the ZY.
Whereas the DDJ eschews any fixed universals as objects of knowledge and the purposive pursuits of virtues and advocates the accommodation of opposites in the nature of things, it is not clear how Laozi can maintain that the Dao is always on the side of the good person.