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DDKDriver Development Kit (Microsoft driver development)
DDKDevice Driver Kit
DDKDemocratic Movement of Kyrgyzstan
DDKDbf4-Dependent Kinase
DDKDroid Developer Kit
DDKDouble Digit Kyu (gaming)
DDKDeutsches Dan-Kollegium, eV (martial arts organization; Germany)
DDKDelaware Diamond Knives, Inc. (Wilmington, DE)
DDKDie Deutschen Klassiker (German car club)
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David Bowd, co-founder of DDK said, "There is a growing desire among modern travelers to immerse themselves in the place they are visiting.
The main panelist of today's DDK Live Discussion was Oken Jeet Sandham, Editor of NEPS News Service and Senior DDK Commentator Toto Nurumi.
On the one hand, a result to a case that does not satisfy the public conscience has emerged and, on the other hand, the credibility of all the public institutions has been brought into question," the DDK said in the report.
The development kit includes compatibility with the XPSDrv print path introduced in Windows Vista, while retaining all the functionality of earlier IPS DDK releases.
The shocking figures reveal that one in four youngsters aged 14 and under in DDK have had sex and almost half are drinking alcohol weekly.
DeLorenzo claims SAG is on "witch hunt" because of his opposition to the strike and that the guild has orchestrated the filing of bogus claims against DDK.
Headquartered in Lanham, MD, DDK is a privately held and highly-specialized company providing cyber intelligence analysis, computer and network forensics and counterterrorism/ counterintelligence support and analysis globally.
In its report, the DDK further noted that there is no unit at the Ministry of Labor and Social Security or the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources to check the safety of electrical equipment used in coal mines.
The DDK Live Discussion at 2 PM under the weekly programs "Trends of Nagaland" which was anchored by senior journalist and DDK commentator, KV Nurumi, also reviewed on the comments made by State Governor Nikhil Kumar, Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio, etc.
DDK & Company subleased the office space from BroadVision, Inc.
For TE-rkE[micro]ne, the activation of the DDK is still an important step, considering that all other checks and balances in the Turkish political system have recently been rendered ineffective by the government, which is embattled by allegations of widespread corruption.
a major international public relations firm which signed for 40,000 square feet; DDK & Company, an accounting firm, 30,000 square feet; Roe Eliseo, Inc.