DDKSDefense Distribution Depot Kuwait, Southwest Asia
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The DDKS team is entirely dedicated to serving our war fighters, and this milestone is a measure of that dedication.
DDKS is the Defense Distribution Center's only distribution facility in Southwest Asia and was established based on a request from CENTCOM.
To date DDKS has provided cost avoidance savings of more than $508 million.
Current commodities distributed by DDKS are repair parts, barrier and construction material, clothing, textiles and tents and tent equipment.
30, DDKS stocks approximately 18,511 items, such as repair parts, barrier material and clothing, which are in high demand for America's armed forces serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom.
The strategic position of DDKS cuts the time it takes customers to receive its essential supplies while reducing the overall costs to the American taxpayers.
DLA's Defense Distribution Center transferred its existing forward- stocking capabilities in Bahrain to stand up DDKS.
DDKS is just one of DLA's many efforts in the integrated distribution pillar under the distribution process owner partnership with the United States Transportation Command.
Table 7 shows the performance if the time from DDKS to the forward base is lowered to 5 days.
Furthermore, stocking at DDKS is beneficial for all items not stocked at the using base, if the total pipeline time is less than the pipeline time direct from CONUS to the base.
If the ship time from DDKS is reduced to 5 days, 537 items would be economical.
If ship time from DDKS is reduced to 5 days, a one-time savings of $12K would be realized.