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DDLData Definition Language
DDLDirect Download
DDLDrop-Down List (user interface)
DDLDaniel Day-Lewis (actor)
DDLDocument Description Language
DDLDatabase Definition Language
DDLData Description Language
DDLDevice Description Language
DDLDigital Delay Line
DDLDigital Data Link
DDLDear Doctor Letter (pharmaceutical marketing)
DDLDelegation Of Disclosure Authority Letter
DDLDirect Downlink
DDLDispersive Delay Line
DDLData Downlink (NASA)
DDLDemolition Derby League
DDLDigital Driver's License
DDLData Design Language
DDLData Distribution List
DDLDocument Distribution List
DDLDictionnaire de Didactique des Langues (French: Dictionary of Language Teaching)
DDLDépartement de Didactique des Langues (French: Department of Language Didactics; University of Quebec at Montreal; Quebec, Canada)
DDLDedicated Data Link
DDLDetector Development Laboratory (NASA)
DDLDigital Data Library
DDLDocument Definition Language
DDLData Design Laboratory
DDLDependable Dealers List (PEZ collectors)
DDLDesign Data Laboratory
DDLDesign Document Listing
DDLDiode-Diode Logic
DDLDirect Drive Laser Printer
DDLDiplôme de Didactique des Langues (French: Diploma in Language Teaching; various locations)
DDLDisplay Directory List
DDLDetergent and Decontamination Liquid
DDLDirect Down/Data Link
DDLDevices and Diagnostic Letter (aka Orange Sheet; technology journal)
DDLDebard-David-Le Corvec (French architecture firm)
DDLDynamique du Langage (French: Dynamics of Language)
DDLDépartement des Langues (French: Language Department)
DDLDirect Drive Linear (motor)
DDLDéveloppement Durable de la Lecture (French: Sustainable Development of Reading)
DDLD Dynamic Libraries (library loading)
DDLDanse des Lettres (French animation software)
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Both average and median DDL were also lower in the first half of 2009, but were still higher than the semiannual average for the 12 years ending December 2008.
Our DDL also provides enhanced communications security, and establishes the foundation for a new, highly capable and portable communications network over the battlefield.
Horton the knowledge and skills necessary to take the helm of DDL Electronics, Inc.
There were 12 "mega" DDL complaints--complaints associated with a DDL of $5 billion or more--filed in 2008, the largest number of mega DDL filings for any year in the database.
DDL is the decrease in the market capitalization of the defendant firm from the trading day immediately preceding the end of the class period to the trading day immediately following the end of the class period.
The rapid implementation of DDL technology into Tachyon OPC+ demonstrates Brion's ability to quickly bring to market new computational lithography capabilities," said Neal Callan, Brion's vice president of product operations.
New Terrain 500 -- Organizations developing databases for a wide variety of DBMSs may not need in-depth design capabilities, but want the capability to generate DDL for multiple environments.
In addition to providing complete topical product development services, DDL ensures compliance with FDA and/or EU regulations.
With this expansion, we now have additional capacity to conduct package validation preconditioning required under ISO 11607,"said John Koch, Lab Manager, DDL West.
WPC's HIPAA Database Toolkit DDL schemas deliver many advantages to Tallan, providing the ability to insert HIPAA EDI message data into a SQL Server database.
NORTH East software development company DDL Ltd has announced a major new deal with Wood Group PSN, one of the world's largest oil and gas services companies.
The acquisition is subject to customary closing conditions, including clearance by the German Federal Cartel Office to which DDL applied for regulatory approval yesterday.