DDLLDigital Delay-Locked Loop
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INVERNESS: DDLL, WDDW - 8 games, 2 wins, 4 draws, 2 defeats - 10 points
The DDLL is aimed at identifying those NSA members who serve on liaison committees with the IRS in their districts and working with them to more rapidly identify problems that need to be presented to the IRS at the national level and to determine if policies implemented by the Service's national office are having the desired effect at the local level.
In the list of 'Double Doubles' below, I include words with the following adjacent doubled consonants: BBSS, CCLL, CCSS, DDLL, DDSS, FFYY, GGSS, HHGG (WW68016), KKYY, LLCC, LLDD, LLGG, LLPP, LLRR, LLSS, LLYY, MMSS, MMYY, NNGG, NNSS, NNYY, PPLL, PPNN, PPSS, PPYY, RRDD, RRNN, RRSS, RRYY, SSJJ, SSLL, SSTT, TTCC, TTLL, TTSS, TTYY.