DDLSDimension Data Learning Solutions (Australia)
DDLSDisability Discrimination Legal Service, Inc. (Australia)
DDLSDisk Damage Likelihood Scale (ophthalmology)
DDLSDistance Degree Library Services (est. 1993; Washington State University; Pullman, WA)
DDLSDarling Downs Laser Skirmish (Australia)
DDLSDepolarized Dynamic Light Scattering
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Primary breast dedifferentiated liposarcoma (DDL), which can be seen in transformation of ALT/WDL, is even rarer, and is represented only by case reports in the literature.
The GSAS previously demonstrated that the DDLS stage obtained through stereoscopic analysis was significantly inversely correlated with the MD and positively correlated with the pattern standard deviation (PSD) [6].
This cation-rich water is "bound water" and occupies the interlayer positions in clay minerals or the diffuse double layer (DDL) that surrounds mineral surfaces, extending outward into the pore spaces [27, 28].
DDL is a full-service testing lab that has provided package, product and materials testing to the medical device industry for over 25 years.
DISCUSSION: Dedifferentiated liposarcoma (DDLS) occurs in upto 10% of well differentiated liposarcomas with predilection for retroperitoneum.
Enhancements to the DDLS include dual vibratory electric drives mounted on opposing sides of the test sieves, creating a three-dimensional motion.
In WLDLS and DDLS it is overexpressed together with several other proto-oncogenes such as MDM2 and CDK4 that together may cause tumor development.
These lasers utilize semiconductor lasers as their pumping sources, and now direct diode lasers (DDLs), which use such semiconductor lasers directly for laser machining, have become a focus of attention as the next generation of laser machining light sources because they are compact, feature high-efficiency electro-optic conversion, and can be mass-produced at low costs.
Banks frequently employ interest-rate swaps to hedge the interest-rate exposure associated with their variable-rate DDLs. With cash-flow hedge accounting, a bank revalues the interest-rate swap to fair value at reporting dates, and reports the change in fair value each period directly in equity.
Dimension Data Learning Solutions UK (DDLS), an IT training subsidiary of Dimension Data, is to jointly form a new training, development and consultancy business with Harbrook Consultants Ltd, an IT consultanting and training agency.