DDLTdeceased donor liver transplant
DDLTDirect Detection Laser Transceiver (US NASA)
DDLTDemand During Lead Time
DDLTDiagnostic Démarche Label Traçabilité (French: Diagnostic Process Traceability Label)
DDLTdue date lead time
DDLTDoreen Dew Lecture Theatre
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In DDLT, the entire liver was used and was not split.
Seven (2.4%) of the 283 DDLT patients and 24 (2.2%) of the 1086 LDLT patients were diagnosed with portal vein stenosis and underwent radiologic intervention.
Both DDLT and LDLT recipients often require blood transfusion during surgery or in the postoperative period because of coagulation defects or severe bleeding from the procedure itself.[4],[5] Although the utilization of blood products such as red blood cells (RBCs), platelets, and plasma has decreased in recent decades, its detriment to recipients cannot be ignored.
Pereboom et al .[22] retrospectively analyzed their clinical data and attributed this platelet-associated mortality in DDLT recipients to acute lung injury (ALI).
Eduardo ve arkadaslarinin(18) kriyoterapi ve DDLT'nin oral mukozitler uzerine etkisini degerlendirdigi calismada, 71 yuksek doz melphalan (>140mg/m2) tedavisi uygulanan HKHN hastasi, lazer uygulanan grup (n=17), kriyoterapi+lazer uygulanan grup (n=54) olarak randomize sekilde ikiye ayrilmistir.
Dusuk doz lazer tedavisinin (DDLT) oral mukozitler uzerine etkisini degerlendirmek amaciyla meta analiz calismasi yapilmistir.
Hence, this study aimed to identify and compare the incidence and risk factors for NODAT in LDLT versus DDLT recipients using a large national database.
Individuals who received DDLT at study centers were obtained for comparison during the same time period.
With reference to the 2010 data, the annual DDLT and LDLT numbers in Western countries, such as Spain, the United States, Belgium, and Austria were 24.5/0.7, 11.5/0.4, 12.5/3.0, and 19.0/0.5 per million people, respectively.