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DDMDividend Discount Model
DDMDungeons & Dragons Miniatures (game)
DDMDistributed Data Management
DDMDiscovery and Dependency Mapping (Hewlett-Packard)
DDMDirection du Développement des Médias (French: Directorate of Media Development)
DDMDrop Down Menu
DDMData Distribution Management
DDMDoctor of Dental Medicine
DDMDomain Decomposition Method
DDMDecoupled Direct Method
DDMDifference in Depth of Modulation
DDMDynamic Decision Making
DDMDesign Data Management
DDMDifferential Destination Multicast
DDMDemand-Driven Manufacturing
DDMData Display Module
DDMDesignated Defensive Marksman
DDMDoD Data Model
DDMDigital Diagnostics Monitoring
DDMDriver's Door Module (automotive)
DDMDerrick Drilling Machine (Top Drive Systems)
DDMDevice Driver Module
DDMDealer Development Manager
DDMDeadlock Detection Mechanism
DDMData Display Monitoring (NASA)
DDMDiscrete Data Management (NASA)
DDMDiscount Dividend Model
DDMDigimon Digital Monsters
DDMDon't Damn Me (Guns N' Roses song)
DDMDynamic Discount Management
DDMDeath Dealer Mercenaries (gaming clan)
DDMDepot Duty Manager (London Underground)
DDMDipole - Dipole Moment (physics)
DDMDispatch Deviation Manual
DDMDigital Dissemination Management (VIVACODE)
DDMDistrict Development Meeting
DDMData Determination Module
DDMDeployment Drive Mechanism
DDMDistinct Different Marks
DDMData Directory Manager
DDMDrive Discharge Model
DDMDense Dielectric Material
DDMDeal Deployment Manager
DDMDiploma in Destination Management (degree program)
DDMDouble Density Memory
DDMDual Digital Multiplexer (telecommunications)
DDMDiscrete Diffraction Manifold
DDMDesign Diversity Metric
DDMDispersion-Driven Multiplexing
DDMDesign Decision Memorandum
DDMDysharmonie Dento-Maxillaire (French: Dento-Maxillary Disharmony; orthodontics)
DDMDomino Document Manager (software)
DDMDungeon Dice Monsters (Yu-Gi-Oh! board game)
DDMDate de Durabilité Minimale (French: Date of Minimum Durability; product safety)
DDMDrôles de Mecs (French: Funny Guys)
DDMDelannoy Dewailly Maintenance (France)
DDMDirect Debit Mandate (payment method)
DDMData Driven Marketing
DDMDéchets Dangereux des Ménages (French: Household Hazardous Waste)
DDMDigital Data Modem (US DoD)
DDMDefect Decay Model
DDMDivision of Dockets Management
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Cure kinetics of micro and nanostructured thermosetting blends of epoxy resin and epoxidized triblock copolymer SBS (47 mol%) (0, 10, 20, and 30 wt%) cured by DDM was investigated by Kamal autocatalytic approach with rate constant values.
Lee says DDM has more than 200 Facebook pages where users can see content selected to fit their need for specific kinds of information.
Wohlers cautions that materials available for DDM can cost from 10 to 100 times more than typical injection molding thermoplastics.
In order to confirm this, Liu Fengjun, a department head of Shandong University's Institute of Archaeological Art and Research, and Liu Jiwen, vice president of the committee of the Four Gate Pagoda Scenic Spot, were invited by the DDM to Taiwan for further inspection of the statue.
The DDM will record the date, time and amount of drug dispensed and to whom, and the nurse will activate both the charging and recording functions when she or he actually administers the drug.
Includes DDM Novastar's unique strip tape and loose component tray feeders
Keane added, "The DDM asset purchase transaction has created the catalyst that we have needed to ignite a sales engine for the Company and broaden the market reach that our capabilities can serve.
This installation by a global manufacturer reaffirms industry observers' and our belief that DDM is here now, and that progressive companies are taking it seriously," says FDM product manager Patrick Robb.
Created in 2005 by Founder & Managing Partner Jeff Hilbert and President Joe Minton, DDM is the world's leading business and talent agency for video games and digital entertainment.
Real time module monitoring possible with SFF8472 compliant DDM function6
Benefits, the contract, broken down into: - operation of the recycling center, which includes the reception, care waste authorized by the regulations of waste disposal, transportation of waste to processing sites or elimination (except for DDM, the D3E users and batteries) and site monitoring by a remote monitoring system and CCTV - transport OMR and EMR area north of the Community of Pays d~Aix from the center of Pertuis transfer, to waste treatment (including storage of Arbois in Aix-En-Provence) or recovery (sorting Jas de Rhodes to Pennes Mirabeau).