DDMADistributed Dma
DDMADutch Dialogue Marketing Association
DDMADelhi Disaster Management Authority (est. 2008; India)
DDMADistributed Direct Memory Access (computing)
DDMADistributed Dynamic Multiservice Architectures (international workshop)
DDMADefense Distribution Mapping Activity
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NDMA is not a legal authority to control the activities of PDMA and DDMA.
DDMA probes a network and returns a description of all of the hardware and software — collectively called resources or assets — running on that network.
The VDMA and ISO have approved an agreement about the hosting of the Internet-based data dictionary and the installation of an DDMA expert group.
The setting up of DDMA and Emergency Support Function Plan has provided a platform for the officials of these departments to interact with each other.
For companies that don't want to do the work themselves, HP is also offering a new service package built around the DDMA updates.
Thus, the growing radicals with ST ends were added to the ST monomer at a higher rate than to the DDMA monomer.
The city's settlement pattern needs to be viewed in relation to location and geological characteristics," a senior DDMA official told M AIL T ODAY .
Meantime, the Pakistan Fisher folk Forum (PFF) Wednesday expressed dissatisfaction over the performance of the NDMA, PDMA, DDMA and other government agencies, saying despite the threats of such disasters, there was no proper preparation and planning to avert the impacts of devastations.
The NDMA in close collaboration with the DDMA is now planning for Delhi Emergency Exercise (DEMEX) to primarily focus on all aspects of medical preparedness.
Research in Shanghai includes over 500 consumer interviews and industry research by DDMA and 28 consumer focus groups by Focus Group China.
The PDMA and DDMA had provided 855 tents, 100 food items, 600 wheat bags, 220 rice bags, 570 blankets, 250 plastic mats, 450 kitchen sets, 1400 mosquito nets, 250 sleeping bags, 150 water tanks, 1300 jerry cans, 100 life saving jackets, 150 gas cylinders, 91 De-watering pumps and 3 boats with OBMs among the victims.
As per the DDMA, the system is unable to function in the underground tunnel area due to weak signals.