DDMEDeputy Director Mechanical Engineering (Australia)
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DDME. Krapivsky et al [17] researched a variety of statistical properties associated with the number of distinct degrees that exist in a typical network for various classes of networks.
Compare to real degree distribution, [t.sub.T] of MFSC, SPMF [21], DDME [17] and LPME [16] is 0.948221, 0.822435, 0.754187 and 0.687728 respectively.
On average, our method is higher than SPMF with 29.04%, DDME with 44.34% and LPME with 86.71% on the precision.
We have measured that MFSC is lower than SPMF with 40.94%, DDME with 57.02% and LPME with 65.41% on the implementation time.
Arevalo et al21 published a report of 24-month anatomic and visual acuity response after primary intravitreal bevacizumab in patients with Diffuse Diabetic Macular Edema (DDME).
The Sundance Digital and Rhozet technology pairing is expected to allow users of DDME, the hardware extension of Sundance's Digital Delivery Management System, to easily identify delivered content, tag it with their traffic metadata, transcode it and copy it to their playback server.
There are several studies in the literature on the intravitreal administration of antibodies against VEGF for DDME. Various studies have established the role of Pegabtinib sodium & Ranibizumab for the treatment of DME and hence have laid a foundation for the use of other intravitreal anti VEGF drugs like bevacizumab.
Kumar and Sinha reported results of 20 eyes with DDME treated with IVB at a dose of 1.25mg that had not responded to previous photocoagulation.14 their follow-up period was 6 months.
CONCLUSION: Our pilot study concludes that combining anti-VEGF with laser photocoagulation is a complementary treatment with better efficacy than laser alone in treating DDME. To substantiate this conclusion will need larger studies.