DDMIDeputy Director of Military Intelligence
DDMIDents du Midi Immobilier (Swiss real estate)
DDMIDigital Diagnostics Monitoring Interface (networking)
DDMIDavid Davies Memorial Institute of International Studies (Aberystwyth, UK)
DDMIDiavik Diamond Mines Incorporated
DDMIDiscovery and Dependency Mapping Inventory
DDMIDiffuse Dermal Mast Cell Infiltration (dermatology)
DDMIDevelopmental Disability Mental Illness
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In both goats and Sika deer, enteric C[H.sub.4] production expressed as g/kg DDMI and g/kg DOMI did not differ statistically.
Overall, the A:C ratio, DDMI, and MEI showed a significant negative correlation with snow depth.
Using urine samples deposited in snow by red deer, we quantified the A:C ratio, then estimated digestible dry matter intake (DDMI) and metabolizable energy intake (MEI) of red deer through their curvilinear relationships (Vagnoni et al., 1996).
The methane production (L/kg DMI, L/kg DDMI) was 14% lower in BEO treated groups as compared to control group.
Effect of feeding blend of essential oils (BEO) on methane emission in growing buffalo calves Parameters Group 1 (1) Group 2 Group 3 Body weight (kg) 257 277 278 DM intake (kg/d) 4.92 (a) 5.64 (b) 5.79 (b) C[H.sub.4] (L/d) 188.4 185.1 189.7 C[H.sub.4] (L/kg DMI) 38.32 (a) 32.90 (b) 32.73 (b) C[H.sub.4] (L/kg DDMI) 64.10 (a) 55.01 (b) 55.23 (b) Parameters SEM p value Body weight (kg) 9.747 0.095 DM intake (kg/d) 0.103 <0.001 C[H.sub.4] (L/d) 2.677 0.790 C[H.sub.4] (L/kg DMI) 0.641 <0.001 C[H.sub.4] (L/kg DDMI) 1.21 <0.001 SEM, standard error of the mean; DM, dry matter; C[H.sub.4], methane; DMI, dry matter intake.
In goats and Sika deer, the F:C ratio decreases the nutrient digestibility and the enteric C[H.sub.4] emissions expressed as g/d, g/kg [BW.sup.0.75], % of GEI, g/kg DMI, and g/kg OMI; however, the enteric C[H.sub.4] emissions expressed as g/kg DDMI and g/kg DOMI were not affected.
The results were also analysed by regression where X= Daily Dry Matter Intake (DDMI, kg [day.sup.-1]) and Y=.
The increase in concentrate in the diet cause of the increase in Daily Dry Matter Intake (DDMI, kg [day.sup.-1)], and this in turn can increase the excreted allantoin in the urine.