DDMPData Driven Media Processor
DDMPDéfense et Diplomatie des Moyennes Puissances (French: Defense and Diplomacy Medium Powers; conference)
DDMPData Driven Media Processor (Sharp Corp)
DDMPDirigeants-Durables Midi-Pyrénées (French: Sustainable Leaders Midi-Pyrenees)
DDMPDeliberate Decision-Making Process
DDMPDiabetes Disease Management Program
DDMPDepartment of Disaster Mitigation and Prevention (Thailand)
DDMPDefense Depot Mechanicsburg, PA (Defense Logistics Agency; US DoD)
DDMPDetergent Dissected Membrane Protein
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(These data were obtained by measuring of 95 samples of the bituminous coals in question, differing petrologically, by coal type, elemental composition, proximate analysis parameters and coking properties.) The maximum fluidity of coal in the plastic state was ascertained to be in the wide range of 15-1920 ddpm and cumulative fluidity in the range of 107-12062 ddmp, but all the samples had almost the same softening, maximum-fluidity and re-solidification temperatures.
V, L, I-content in vitrinite, liptinite and inertinite (vol.-%), resp., [R.sub.ov]--reflectance (%); SI--swelling index, a, b-parameters of Audibert-Arnu test (%), [T.sub.i] ([degrees]C), [F.sub.i] (DDMP, DD)-fluidity parameters (constant-torque Gieseler metod, ASTM D 2639).
It is the intent of the City to enter into a standby contract with a disaster debris hauling firm, or firms in accordance with the City%s draft Disaster Debris Management Plan (DDMP).