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DDNDayton Daily News (Ohio newspaper)
DDNDefense Data Network (US DoD DCS)
DDNDigital Data Network
DDNDataDirect Networks (Chatsworth, CA)
DDNDigital Divide Network
DDNDiscado Directo Nacional (Spanish: national direct dial)
DDNDonjon de Naheulbeuk (French website)
DDNDefense Digital Network
DDNDesign Decision Notice
DDNDescent Developer Network
DDNDance Dot Net (website)
DDNDate de Naissance (French: Date of Birth)
DDNDémolition Déménagement Nettoyage (French: Demolition Moving Cleaning)
DDNDesign Diffusion News (magazine)
DDNDirectiva de Defensa Nacional (Spanish: National Defense Policy)
DDNDestructeurs de Noob (French gaming clan)
DDNDogues du Net (French sports fan club)
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Best Use of HPC in Automotive - Readers' Choice: As part of its XXL initiative for large-scale jobs, High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS) in cooperation with Automotive Simulation Center Stuttgart (ASCS) using DDN storage technology ran 1,000 crash simulations within 24 hours demonstrating the commercial benefits of data-intensive computing for industrial manufacturing and Big Data computing.
Our sustained growth over the last two years comes from the demand acceleration for our end-to-end data management solutions by some of the largest Enterprise, Cloud and HPC organizations in the world, which thanks to DDN are boosting their ROI, simplifying their environments, and greatly speeding up their analytics and workflows," said Alex Bouzari, CEO and co-founder, DDN Storage.
Working collaboratively with Intel, DDN has designed converged and hyper-converged storage solutions to integrate seamlessly with new Omni-Path fabrics.
We are extremely pleased to have Steve join our team," said DDN President, Mark Wiesman.
Crossroads Systems DDN offers an integrated, low-cost, LTFS tape archive tier in partnership with Crossroads Strongbox.
Prior to joining DDN, Gray served as the VP of Quality and Regulatory Affairs for Lifeblood, biological pharmaceuticals and services.
I have been very impressed by the quality of the cluster we received through the collaboration of Supermicro, DDN and Mellanox," said Tim Dyce, Chief Information Officer, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University.
By building on our longstanding partnership with DDN, TACC will be able to give researchers the power to achieve astounding discoveries with far-reaching positive impact.
Handling mixed I/O workloads and resolving I/O bottlenecks in data intensive workloads are critical issues DDN has worked fervently to address within our suite of high performance end-to-end solutions," said Molly Rector, CMO, executive vice president product management and worldwide marketing, DDN.
DDN SFA14K and SFA14KE Storage Platforms As the new flagship product in DDN's most established product line, the DDN SFA14K provides customers with a simple route to take maximum advantage of a suite of new technologies including the latest processor technologies, NVMe SSD, PCIe 3, EDR InfiniBand and Omni-Path.
MILWAUKEE -- Mark Wiesman, president of DDN, a Dohmen company based in Menomonee Falls, Wis.