DDONDragon's Dogma Online (video game)
DDONDeputy Director of Nursing
DDONDeafness-Dystonia-Optic Neuronopathy (Syndrome)
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Rhaid cofio ei fod wedi ennill y Fedal Ryddiaith hefyd ac ni wnaiff cyhoeddi Os Na Ddon Nhw ond ychwanegu at ei faintioli fel awdur.
ka'ddoks [right arrow] ka'ddoks (genitive singular ka'd, not *kaddo plus translative-comitative -ks; the translative-comitative exponent may here be analysed ka'dd- k [right arrow] ka'ddon dative singular.
To her being DDON was not a career choice--it was a life choice.
Cathie had an amazing sense of humour--some would call it a dry wit--which can be a useful attribute as a DDON in aged care.
Incoming saccular afferent fibers travel the length of dDON laterally, and terminal fields from those fibers are seen medial and lateral to the main axon (unpubl.
The electrode tips were approximately 12 [[micro]meter] in diameter, which enhanced the likelihood that the electrodes were recording activity from secondary cell bodies in the dDON; recordings from axon collaterals or their terminal fields are not likely to be made with a large electrode tip.
We have recorded more than 50 single units from the dDON in seven toadfish.
Thirty-seven of the dDON units were phase-locked to the 100 Hz sinusoidal stimuli with root mean square displacement amplitudes between 10 and 30 dB (re 1 nm) and were clearly directional.
The data collected from six cells in the dDON of a single fish are plotted by their relative locations in Figure 1.
Bydd Os Na Ddon Nhw yn cael ei lansio'n swyddogol nos Wener, Ebrill 12 am 7pm yn Ysgol Glanaethwy, Bangor.
Tybed nad thema ryw nofel yn y dyfodol fydd un debyg: y newyddiadurwr olaf yn y byd yn dal i chwilio am rywun sy'n dal i gredu yn yr arfau dinistriol ac fe ddon nhw o hyd iddi mewn cartre i'r henoed yn rhywle, Aberarth falle?