DDOPDivision of Drug Oncology Products (FDA)
DDOPDevelopmentally Disabled Offenders Program (New Jersey)
DDOPDifferential Dilution of Precision
DDOPDelectable Day of Play (children's event)
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Generally, the difference in distance of propagation (DDOP) is obtained by multiplying the difference in time of arrival (DTOA), measured from the acquired signals as the first arrival over a certain threshold, by a nominal wave propagation speed.
To overcome this detrimental effect, it was shown in [19] that processing the acquired signals with a suitable transform, namely, the Warped Frequency Transform (WFT), a robust estimation of the DDOP is obtained without the need of measuring the DTOA (some details are given in the next subsection).
where the DDOP [[DELTA].sub.12] = [D.sub.1] - [D.sub.2] appears in the phase term.
Considering m = 3 DDOP measurements, the Cramer-Rao value for a point p [equivalent to] {[x.sub.p], [y.sub.p]} on the plate is calculated as