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DDOSDistributed Denial of Service (network attack; also seen as DDSA)
DDOSDistributed Denial of Service
DDOSDog Days of Summer
DDOSDispositions D'ordre Social (French: Provisions of Social Order)
DDOSDorking Dramatic and Operatic Society (UK)
DDOSDecision Disk Operating System
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"Traditionally, troublemakers who conduct DDoS attacks for fun go on holiday during the summer and give up their activity until September.
Despite the earlier FBI crackdown, the DNS amplification types of DDoS attacks continued to be a favorite of DDoS-for-hire websites, soaring more than 40 times their volume compared to last quarter.
DDoS attacks targeting the network layer are the most common form of attack--and the most dangerous to their business, according to respondents.
Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack remains as one of the most popular cyber threats.
'The service provider alerted us at 4.23pm on a massive DDoS attack which was targeting the server IP address directly.
A10 One-DDoS Protection is available on A10 Thunder ADC (Application Delivery Controller), CGN (Carrier Grade Networking) and CFW (Converged Firewall) product lines with orchestrated attack scrubbing on Thunder TPS (Threat Protection System), providing a layered approach for full-spectrum volumetric, network and application DDoS protection.
Cryptocurrency exchanges are now the biggest worldwide DDoS target.
Fifty-six percent of DDoS attacks were User Datagram Protocol floods, which overwhelms ports with IP packets.
"DDoS-GUARD has proven itself as a reliable and flexible service of DDoS mitigation.
Read: (http://www.ibtimes.com/mirai-botnet-hacker-admits-ddos-attack-against-deutsche-telekom-2569995) Mirai Botnet: Hacker Admits To DDoS Attack Against Deutsche Telekom
According to IDC Worldwide DDoS Prevention Products and Services Forecast, the world market of DDoS-attacks protection tend to have annual growth rate of 11% in years from 2015 to 2020, and the 2020 figure will exceed $1 billion.