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DDPDisney Dining Plan (Walt Disney World)
DDPDelivered Duty Paid (shipping)
DDPDatagram Delivery Protocol
DDPDelivered Duty Paid (international commercial term)
DDPDiamond Dallas Page (pro-wrestler)
DDPDeutscher Depeschendienst
DDPDebian Documentation Project
DDPDeutsche Demokratische Partei (German Democratic Party)
DDPDisc Description Protocol
DDPDistributed Data Processing
DDPDiploma Development Partnership (UK)
DDPDistrict Development Plan
DDPDublin Death Patrol (thrash band)
DDPDiet Dr. Pepper (soft drink)
DDPDifférence de Potentiel
DDPDifferenza Di Potenziale (physics, Italian)
DDPDodonpachi (video game)
DDPDeclaration of Design and Performance
DDPDominicans Don't Play (gang)
DDPDefect Detection and Prevention
DDPDelta Dental Plan (military)
DDPDeep Down Productions (underwater videography)
DDPDesign and Drawing for Production
DDPDirectorate of Plans (now the Directorate of Operations)
DDPDefect Detection Percentage (number defects found by testing divided by total know defects)
DDPDoki Doki Panic (video game)
DDPDeputy Director of Plans (US CIA)
DDPDevelopment Data Platform (World Bank Development Data Group)
DDPDigital Data Processing
DDPDevelopmental Disability Program
DDPDecentralized Dance Party
DDPDue-Date Performance
DDPDeafness-Dystonia-Optic Atrophy Syndrome
DDPDirector of Defense Procurement
DDPDraft Development Plan
DDPDidecyl Phthalate
DDPDiego de Pietri (musician)
DDPDependent Dental Plan
DDPDragon Dagger Poison (online game Runescape)
DDPDictionary Development Process (software; Summer Institute of Linguistics, Inc.)
DDPDefense Diversification Program
DDPdetailed deployment plan (US DoD)
DDPDelay Differentiation Parameter
DDPDefault Display Protocol
DDPDesign Development Plan
DDPDeliverable Data Package
DDPDiamond Diva Princess
DDPDemand Development Period
DDPDaughters of Divine Providence
DDPDirect Deposit Processing
DDPDeflect and Drop Policy (IEEE)
DDPDistribution Drop Point
DDPDatabase Descriptor Packet
DDPDrawing & Design for Production
DDPDigital Doppler Processor
DDPDarn Double Post
DDPData Distribution Program
DDPDaily Delinquency Penalty (IRS)
DDPDiscover-Driven Planning
DDPDesign Development Package
DDPDesign Data Package
DDPDiscrete Display Panel
DDPDeck Design Procedure
DDPDirected Difference Packing
DDPDetailed Demonstration Plan
DDPDistrict Delegate Program
DDPDual Degree Program (various schools)
DDPDesert Development Programme (India)
DDPDynamic Datacorp People (Canada)
DDPDefensive Driving Program (various locations)
DDPDélégation au Développement du Pentagone (French: Pentagon Delegation for Development; Belgium)
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Under the modified DDP the employer must inform the employee in writing of the reason for dismissal and offer her/him an appeal against the decision.
We are pleased to provide DDP with the tools to create a paperless environment.
When the Shark Tank contacted us to be on the show, we knew that the increased visibility would be great for business but would be a major body blow to our website," said Diamond Dallas Page, former WCW heavyweight champion and founder of DDP YOGA.
CrimeCog) of Ann Arbor, Michigan announced today it has finalized the transaction to purchase DDP Police Services of Gladwin, Michigan.
He added, "In the modified AIBP guidelines made effective from October 2013, this anomaly has been removed for new projects benefitting DDP areas/Drought prone areas with 75 percent assistance.
Frustrated with traditional yoga, Page invented DDP YOGA as a way to rehabilitate himself while suffering from a career-threating injury.
DRDO has sought the advice of DDP on the export of DRDO designed and developed products, which have been manufactured by various companies in India.
Walt McConnell, President of CSA, will continue with DDP as Executive Vice President and oversee all of the firm's reset and installation projects.
We are pleased to be chosen by CMI Ventures as the DDP and custodian bank.
NaturalInsight, a leading-edge workforce management solution company, and DDP Holdings, Inc.