DDPDDoha Document for Peace in Darfur
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However, three major rebel movements including Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM-MM) led by Minnawi Minnawi, Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) led by Gibril Ibrahim and SLM-AW led by Abdel-Wahid al-Nur didn't join the DDPD.
Commissioner Piebalgs added: We call on the Sudanese government and all parties involved to sustain their efforts to improve the environment in which aid workers operate and fully implement the DDPD to enable a new momentum on development.
The report noted that while insecurity continues, there has been a considerable decrease in military clashes between the Sudanese Government forces and the non-signatory movements since the signing of the DDPD.
After set-up, settings are saved in memory The DDPD, which is used in a variety of mobile applications such as snow plows, excavators, earthmoving equipment, along with industrial machinery and hydraulic presses, will display input or output at the user's discretion.
In January 2017, Imam signed a peace agreement with the Sudanese government in the Qatari capital, Doha on the bases of the DDPD.
He also called on other armed movements to join the DDPD and to work
Moreover, the Movements do not agree that the DDPD alone is capable of bringing lasting peace to Darfur, and they seek to resolve the root causes of the conflict through a comprehensive and objective approach," he stressed.
The Minister for Health, Bahar Idris Ghardha, the Secretary General of the Justice and Liberation Movement, has on his part stressed that the DDPD has actually remedied the default that spurred people into carrying arms, calling for exerting more efforts to return those carrying arms to the home ranks.
After a decade of conflict and displacement, the 2011 DDPD had strengthened the peace process and laid the groundwork for recovery and reconstruction.
The DDPD has been rejected fully by Darfuri civil society, which had no meaningful voice in its negotiation.
The two sides held a meeting in Khartoum headed by Dr Amin Hassan Omar for the Office and Dr Tigani Sesse for the Movement signatory of the DDPD, focusing on the launching of the security arrangements in Domaya campa in Nyala town, stressing that this was a turning point in the implementation of the DDPD.
Regarding the armed group, the presidential statement "demands that the non-signatory armed movements refrain from impeding the implementation of the DDPD and encourages UNAMID and the United Nations Country Team (UNCT) to continue to engage fully in support of the implementation of the DDPD".