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DDRDeutsche Demokratische Republik (former East Germany)
DDRDouble Data Rate
DDRDance Dance Revolution (dance simulation game series)
DDRDance Dance Revolution (band)
DDRDrug Demand Reduction
DDRDisarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration
DDRDial-on-Demand Routing
DDRDirect Debit Request
DDRDigital Disk Recorder
DDRData Direction Register
DDRDynamic Document Review (Symantec web security feature)
DDRDetailed Design Review
DDRDigital Data Recorder
DDRRadar Picket Destroyer (US Navy ship type)
DDRDiscovery Data Record (Microsoft System Management Server)
DDRData Descriptive Record
DDRDaily Drilling Report
DDRDynamic Desktop Router
DDRDirect Deposit Refund
DDRData Discrepancy Report
DDRDynamic Device Recognition (HP Tru64 Unix)
DDRDoncaster Defence Regiment (UK)
DDRDistrict Dedicated Revenue (Florida)
DDRData Delivery Rate (Sprint)
DDRDisarmament, Demobilization and Resettlement
DDRDaily Development Report
DDRDaily Demand Rate
DDRDoD Data Repository
DDRDistributed Dynamic Reservation
DDRDual-Depletion Region
DDRDocument Discrepancy Report
DDRDual Doppler Radar
DDRDesign Development Record (NASA)
DDRDirect Digital Receiver
DDRDASD Dump and Restore
DDRDeficiency and Disposition Report
DDRDaily Document Register
DDRDeveloper Documentation Requirements (DII COE)
DDRDefinitive Design Review
DDRDesign Defect Report
DDRDesensitization Dynamic Range
DDRDual Dial Restore
DDRDisposition Decision Review
DDRDesigner's Desk Reference
DDRDriver's Defect Report
DDRDienst Donorregister
DDRData Distribution Requirement
DDRDirect Data Retrieval
DDRDelayed Delivery Receipt
DDRDry Dry Ruins (gaming)
DDRDispositif Différentiel Résiduel (French: Residual Current Device)
DDRDétection Dérivation Réseaux (French: Detection Derivation Networks)
DDRDay Delegate Rate
DDRDésarmement, Démobilisation et Réinsertion (French: Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration)
DDRDoha Development Round (World Trade Organization)
DDRDevil Doll Records (Long Beach, CA)
DDRDirection du Développement Rural (French: Directorate of Rural Development)
DDRDue Diligence Report
DDRDrug Development Research (journal)
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Samsung has lead the industry in DDR technology since July 1997 when the company first proposed the bi-directional DDR SDRAM standard to JEDEC.
Through the deal with 24 Hour Fitness Clubs, DDR has been added to the Kids Club section of all participating venues while the deal with the State of West Virginia makes DDR a part of the official physical education curriculum in every public school in the state.
Pricing and Availability Immediately available, the DDR Debug Toolkit starts at $3,000 and is available for WaveRunner 6 Zi, WavePro 7Zi-A, WaveMaster 8Zi-A, LabMaster 9Zi-A and LabMaster 10 Zi platforms.
In addition to the new 4Mx16 (64Mb) DDR device, Hyundai offers a 1Mx16 SDRAM device which operates at frequencies up to 200MHz.
Voltaire's DDR solution will significantly increase the bandwidth and messaging rate required to meet the ever-increasing demand for the large scale simulations indispensable to advancing all scientific disciplines.
Voltaire will showcase its DDR product portfolio, including the Grid Director(TM) ISR 9096 multi-service switch, at the International Supercomputer Conference in Dresden, Germany, June 27-29, 2006 in booth C18.
The multi-module chassis units can be populated with any combination of InfiniBand SDR (10Gb/s) switch modules, DDR (20Gb/s) switch modules, or Virtual I/O Controller (VIC) modules.
Bringing the health benefits and enjoyment that DDR provides to school children is a great way to combat childhood obesity that is caused by the sedentary lifestyle of today's kids," said Clara Gilbert, Director of Business Partnerships, Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.
As grids in the enterprise and high performance computing clusters expand from hundreds to thousands of nodes, DDR and 12X connectivity offer an extremely high performance, yet more manageable and cost-effective solution," said Patrick Guay, vice president, marketing, Voltaire.
BEACHWOOD, Ohio, May 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- DDR Corp.
Elpida), Japan's leading global supplier of Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM), today announced availability of a 512 Megabit DDR Digital Consumer DRAM device optimized for consumer electronics applications.