DDRFDubai Desert Rock Festival
DDRFDurban Deep Radio Flyers (South Africa)
DDRFDouglas Daly Research Farm (Australia)
DDRFDirect Digital to Radio Frequency (modulator)
DDRFDirector's Discretionary Research Fund
DDRFDisplaced Distal Radius Fractures (wrist fracture)
DDRFDigestive Disease Research Foundation (New York)
DDRFDrug Design by Receptor Fit (biochemistry)
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In the case of autotetraploid random chromatid assortment, an SDRF (one allele) or a DDRF (double-dose restriction fragment, two alleles) will segregate in a 15:13 or 3:11 (absent/present) ratio, respectively, but in both cases a single RAPD marker will be produced, even if it is in a duplex plant.
On the other hand, DDRF markers, which represent two alleles in one parent only (e.g., AAaa), will produce a marker in recombinant progeny with either one or two dominant alleles.
Abbreviations: DDRF, double-dose restriction fragment; PCR, polymerase chain reaction; RAPD, random amplified polymorphic DNA; RFLP, restriction fragment length polymorphism; SDRF, single-dose restriction fragment; STS, sequence-tagged site.