DDRRDisarmament Demobilization Rehabilitation and Reintegration
DDRRDemobilisation, Disarmament, Rehabilitation and Reintegration
DDRRDepartment of Development and Rural Renewal (Canada)
DDRRDirectional Discontinuity Ring Radiator
DDRRDynamic Deficit Round Robin
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The DDRR programme supports the Government in developing strategies for those who surrendered.
In the 1980s and 1990s, security challenges emerging from the legacy of civil war and armed conflict as well as from ex-combatants who become the victims of incomplete or tailed reintegration captured the attention of the international community engaged in DDRR and peacebuilding.
PROBLEMS TOO MANY DDrr MMoohhaammmmaadd aall NNaajjjjaarr, chairman of the Egyptian Committee in Qatar The riots and protests in Egypt are due to the lack of governance by the Mubarak regime, which has ruled the country with an iron hand for the last 30 years.
An important milestone in UNMIL's mandate occurred on 21 July 2009: the completion of the reintegration component of the official DDRR program, nearly six years after it began.
Modeled after an interracial dialogue used in Richmond, Va., that was developed by Hope in the Cities, the DDRR was initiated by Dayton City Commissioner Dean Lovelace.
-- 8.9 MONUC should immediately proceed to implement Phase 3 of its DDRR and finalise its deployment in the DRC, especially in the eastern part of the territory.
For example, in its Resolution 1355 (2001) on the situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Council called upon all relevant parties to ensure that urgent child protection concerns, including DDRR (Disarmament, Demobilization, Rehabilitation, and Reintegration) of child soldiers, were addressed in all national, bilateral, and regional dialogues, and that child soldiers were expeditiously demobilized.
Equally, the 2004 DDRR process has not produced many results so far beyond collecting small weapons and offering lucrative positions to ex-warring factions' leaders and heads of civil society organizations.
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2369 Jaye, T., Pokoo, J.M., 2010 The DDRR and SSR process in Liberia: prospects and challenges, in Besada, H.
Women and the Disarmament Demobilisation Re-integration and Rehabilitation programme (DDRR)
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