DDRSDeendayal Disabled Rehabilitation Scheme (India)
DDRSDefense Data Repository System
DDRSDéveloppement Durable Responsabilité Sociétale (French: Sustainable Development Corporate Social Responsibility)
DDRSDigital Dental Radiography Solution (US Air Force)
DDRSDefense Departmental Reporting System
DDRSDet Danske Rengøringsselskab (now International Sanitary Systems)
DDRSDeclassified Documents Reference Service
DDRSDesire for Death Rating Scale (psychology)
DDRSDoD (Department of Defense) Data Repository System (US DoD)
DDRSDefense Data Repository Suite
DDRSDefense Data Reporting System
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According to a letter sent by DDRS chairman ML Mehta, Delhi Police officers, including senior people of the cell looking into crimes against women, are improperly and ineffectively mediating such disputes.
However, a DCP- ranked officer told M AIL T ODAY , "Normally various police station send complainants to DDRS but most of the time such people refuse to go there as they are made to run around to settle an issue.
According to Mehta's letter, police stations are not sending complainants to DDRS. "DDRS has also noticed that mediation and conciliation undertaken by some police officers at their local level, including in cases of crime against women, are improper and ineffective,"Delhi High Court's former judge ML Mehta said.
For the current work the subtractive setup was used to give non-duplicated images for the direct measurement of birefringence ([DELTA]n) of the five PP sample yarns spun at different DDR. To improve the accuracy of the measurement ([DELTA]n), the Pluta microscope was equipped with a charge-coupled device camera through eyepiece and computer.
The computerized Pluta microscope was used for imaging and measuring the birefringence of the five PP melt-spun filament yarns at different DDR. Figure 1 shows a set of the non-duplicated microinterferograms of PP fibers captured by using light of wavelength = 550 nm and DDR values of 133.33, 266.67, 400.00, 533.33, and 666.67.
DDRS has three facilities in Iowa and provides on-site and off-site confidential material destruction of paper documents and electronic media.
The initial changes in birefringence of induced by the DDR of spinning stage is therefore of importance and have been reported by Golzar (4) and Shan (5) in the DDR range (0-1000).
The work reported in this article is a study of the effect of DDR on the properties of as-spun fiber produced from isotactic polypropylene using interferometric techniques.
Given this state of affairs, this article will draw on theories of inter-organizational collaboration and alliances to analyze the nature of DDR coordination, and will make detailed reference to the contemporary DDR program in South Sudan as an illustrative case study.
The Complexity of Peacebuilding and DDR Coordination
Recently, criticisms have mounted regarding the limited success of DDR programs (c.f.
Some DDR programmers repudiate that such longer-term aims are not, and cannot realistically be, part of DDR programs.