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DDSDoctor of Dental Surgery
DDSData Distribution Service
DDSDepartment of Developmental Services
DDSDirect Digital Synthesis
DDSDisability Determination Services (US)
DDSDual Drum Sander (power tool)
DDSDie Deutsche Schule (German: The German School)
DDSDepartment on Disability Services
DDSDigital Data Storage
DDSDirect Digital Synthesizer
DDSDirect Digital Signal
DDSDesarrollo de Sistemas (Spanish: Systems Development)
DDSDelta Delta Sigma (pre-dental student society)
DDSDepartment of Driver Services (Georgia)
DDSDrug Delivery System
DDSDigital Data Service
DDSDistributed Data Structure (computing)
DDSDirección de Desarrollo Social (Spanish: Directorate of Social Development; various locations)
DDSDownhill Drive Support
DDSDomestic Data Service
DDSDolby Digital Surround Sound
DDSDistributed Database Services
DDSDouble Drive Speaker System
DDSDistributed Database System
DDSDirect Digital Sound
DDSDatabase Data Shape
DDSDynamic Dedicated Server
DDSDouble Dynamic Suspension
DDSDistributed Directory Services
DDSDigital Data Standard
DDSDevice Description Services
DDSDirect Draw Surface
DDSDeflation Detection System
DDSDemand Delivery System
DDSData Display System
DDSDynamic Data Store
DDSDing Dong School (TV show)
DDSData Dissemination System (various organizations)
DDSDet Danske Spejderkorps (Danish Guide and Scout Association)
DDSDimensionnement des Structures (French: Dimensioning of Structures)
DDSData Design System
DDSDynamic Digital Signage
DDSDue Diligence System
DDSDeep Drawing Steel
DDSDiretoria de Desenvolvimento Social (Portuguese: Directorate of Social Development; Brazil)
DDSDigital Devil Saga (gaming)
DDSDeccan Development Society (India)
DDSDeutsche Diabetes-Stiftung
DDSDeluxe Digital Studios (various locations)
DDSData Distribution System
DDSDose Delivery System
DDSDen Danske Skiskole (Danish: The Danish Ski School)
DDSDistributed Denial of Service
DDSDocument Delivery Services
DDSDigital Data System
DDSDataphone Digital Service
DDSDewey Decimal System
DDSDiffusion des Savoirs (French: Dissemination of Knowledge)
DDSDry Deck Shelter
DDSDesign Degree Show (India)
DDSDirector of Dental Services
DDSDivision of Dam Safety (various locations)
DDSDirect Draw Surface (file format)
DDSDon du Souffle (French: Gift of Breath)
DDSDe Danske Skytteforeninger (Denmark)
DDSDavao Death Squad (vigilante group; Philippines)
DDSDetailed Design Specification
DDSData Description Specification
DDSDynamic Design Solutions
DDSData Dictionary System
DDSDesign Data Sheet
DDSData Delivery Service
DDSDelphi Diesel System (vehicles)
DDSDigital Data Stream
DDSDispersive Delay Structure (microwave theory)
DDSDocument Distribution System
DDSDéfense en Droit Social (French law firm)
DDSDolby Digital Sound
DDSDirect Deposit System
DDSDiscovery Domain Set
DDSDistribution Développement Systèmes (French: Distribution Systems Development)
DDSDiamino Diphenyl Sulphone (Dapsone; used to treat leprosy & other skin diseases)
DDSdigital differential analyzer
DDSDrop Dead Sexy (band)
DDSDesign Dynamic Systems (Michigan Technological University)
DDSDigital Document System
DDSDirect Digital Service
DDSDiagnosis Down Syndrome
DDSDiagnostic Data Set
DDSDental Diet System
DDSDigital Display System
DDSDiaminodiphenylsulphone (Dapsone)
DDSDefense Dissemination System
DDSDistributed Data Service
DDSDistributed Data Server
DDSDynamic Data Supplier (software)
DDSDe Danske Sukkerfabrikker
DDSDocument Distribution Service
DDSDistributed Data System
DDSDeath Data Set (Canada)
DDSDynamic Distributed Systems
DDSDawnay Day Sirius (investments; Germany)
DDSDental Data System
DDSDillards Department Stores (stock symbol)
DDSDirectional Display Screen
DDSDoctor of Dental Sciences
DDSDust Detection System
DDSDartmouth Dining Service (Dartmouth College)
DDSDecontamination Digestive Selective
DDSDystonia-Deafness Syndrome
DDSDragon Dagger Special (gaming, Rune-Scape)
DDSDistributed Decision Support
DDSDisplay and Debriefing Subsystem
DDSDirect Dial Service
DDSDragon Dagger, Super Poisoned (Runescape gaming)
DDSDirector of Disaster Services (American Red Cross)
DDSDistributed Defense Simulation
DDSDeep-Dive System
DDSDowning Dramatic Society
DDSDiscount Document Scanning
DDSDual Driver Service (courier)
DDSDigital Display Scope
DDSDynamic Data Systems, Inc. (St Paul, MN)
DDSDigital Dental Society
DDSDefense Distribution System
DDSDiabolical Dubstars (graffiti artist group)
DDSDoctor's Dental Services, Inc.
DDSDesign Documentation System
DDSData-Driven Subscription (provides a way to use a dynamic subscription data that is retrieved at run time)
DDSDomestic Delivery Service
DDSData Dependence Subgraph
DDSDesign Disclosure System
DDSDaily Departmental Schedule
DDSData Display System/Subsystem
DDSDynamic Data Sheet
DDSDetector Description Services
DDSDesktop Document Services (Xerox division)
DDSDistillate Distribution System
DDSDoctor Designed Sites
DDSDelivery and Deployment System
DDSDeck Door Switch
DDSDynamic Diagnostic System
DDSDefense Depot System
DDSDepot Distribution System
DDSDivisible Difference Set
DDSDawn Duelists Society (British association for historical swordplay)
DDSDynamic Disk Sparing
DDSDual Display System
DDSDocumented Discrepancy Subsystem
DDSDynamic Directory Structure
DDSDirect Digital Solution
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Right now, the backup market served by DDS offers several compelling alternatives, each with particular advantage or disadvantages.
Along with the DDS Interoperability Wire-Protocol, OpenSplice DDS v4.
DDS acquisition will be funded from existing cash resources.
UP4 Women's: UP4 Women's replaces Cran-Gyn DDS and has been reformulated to contain the Lactobacilli found in a healthy vaginal tract--L.
DDS traffic can be recorded and played back without explicit knowledge of the detailed data type definitions (DDS IDL), which greatly simplifies integration and use of the recorder during all stages of an application's lifecycle as data definitions evolve over time.
Two elimination profiles of DDS were observed; elimination half-lives of 12.
Thus, DDS circuits include a low-pass filter after the DAC to remove these unwanted signal components.
We strongly believe that Design Studio's expertise and knowledge in the Asian market and Depa's solid track record of fitting prestigious projects will benefit DDS in delivering quality on time and budget.
Prior to forming DDS, print pieces were either expensively outsourced or produced sporadically by community staff using word processing programs that were unable to produce the high-quality materials to make the communities stand out.
DDS also announced that as part of its recently announced Marketing and License Agreement with Xethanol, its dry disaggregation processor originally shipped to Xethanol's Hopkinton, Iowa ethanol production plant, will be shipped to DDS' new R & D facility in Norcross, Georgia, within two weeks.
However, the DGEBA epoxy in their work was cured with an aliphatic amine (tetraethylenepentamine (TEPA)) rather than DDS.
GAO found--through its survey of 52 of the 54 Disability Determination Service (DDS) directors and interviews with SSA officials and DDS staff--that the DDSs face three key challenges in retaining examiners and enhancing their expertise.