DDSADigital Dictionaries of South Asia (University of Chicago database)
DDSADistributed Denial of Service Attack (internet; also seen as DDOS)
DDSADefense Dental Standard Application
DDSADefence Development Sharing Arrangement (Canada)
DDSADimension Data South Africa (est. 1983; specialist information technology services)
DDSADerived-Design Strategic Activities
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We've worked with DDSA for several years and have been continually impressed with the caliber of their people and the high quality of service they provide.
DDSA is a China-based NVOCC, or non-vessel-operating common carrier, with seven office locations throughout mainland China.
Kansas City-based, DDSA Partners company mission is rooted deeply in on-demand Web analytics and Customer Relationship Marketing.
Ross will serve on the DDSA Leadership Council alongside members including: Kelli Emerick, Executive Director, Distracted Driving Safety Alliance; Peter Holran, Vice President - Government & Public Affairs, TASER International; Richard Mack, Vice President - Corporate Communications, Nuance Communications; and Parry Aftab, Executive Director, Wired Safety.
The DDSA is the only broad-based coalition solely focused on stopping distracted driving.
Ross was joined by other DDSA Leadership Council members representing Nuance Communications, TASER International, and Wired Safety.
The other companies being sued are Norton Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Kent Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Generics UK Ltd and DDSA Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Embedding mixture: (i) Mixture A-Epon 812 (5 ml), DDSA (8 ml); (ii) Mixture B-Epon 812 (8 ml), NMA (7 ml).
The companies accused are Norton Healthcare, Ranbaxy UK, Regent-GM Laboratories, Kent Pharmaceuticals, Norton Pharmaceuticals, Generics UK and DDSA Pharmaceuticals.