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DDSCDirection de la Défense et de la Sécurité Civiles (French: Directorate of Defence and Civil Security)
DDSCDoctor of Dental Science
DDSCDefense Distribution Systems Center
DDSCDefense Decision Support Course (US DoD)
DDSCDarling Downs Soaring Club (Australia)
DDSCdynamic differential scanning calorimetry
DDSCDurham Divers Scuba Club (Ontario, Canada)
DDSCDartford District Swimming Club (UK)
DDSCDelay-Doppler Spread Channel
DDSCDavid Douglas Soccer Club (Portland, OR)
DDSCDistinctly Digital Services Company (New York, NY)
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If the DDSC falls below the $25 million, the MIF's obligation to replenish it is on parity with the funding of reserves for claims on policies in the project and single-family accounts, taking priority over the issuance of new commitments or policies in those accounts.
Recently DDSC (Density Differentiated Spatial Clustering) is proposed.
The second solution of the Cisco Intelligent Networked Manufacturing strategy, the DDSC solution enables customers to better integrate information and processes spanning the entire manufacturing workflow.
Morgan to provide Fortune 1000 manufacturers supply-chain expertise and logistics planning with the Cisco DDSC solution.
Specifically, Perkin-Elmer is enjoined from making, using, offering for sale, selling, distributing or importing its Dynamic Differential Scanning Calorimetry (or DDSC) accessory, or any differential scanning calorimeters, including Perkin-Elmer's DSC 7 and Pyris 1 DSCs, that incorporate a DDSC accessory.
We also partnered with the AF FM Center of Expertise to double the presentation of mobile DDSCs in FY13, further expanding decision support education worldwide.