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DDSCDirection de la Défense et de la Sécurité Civiles (French: Directorate of Defence and Civil Security)
DDSCDoctor of Dental Science
DDSCDelaware Depository Service Company (Wilmington, DE)
DDSCDefense Distribution Systems Center
DDSCDefense Decision Support Course (US DoD)
DDSCDarling Downs Soaring Club (Australia)
DDSCDistinctly Digital Services Company (New York, NY)
DDSCDike Data Service Centre (Netherlands)
DDSCdynamic differential scanning calorimetry
DDSCDurham Divers Scuba Club (Ontario, Canada)
DDSCDartford District Swimming Club (UK)
DDSCDelay-Doppler Spread Channel
DDSCDavid Douglas Soccer Club (Portland, OR)
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Perkin-Elmer's approach to DDSC was developed with help from Jurgen Schawe, a thermal analysis researcher at the Univ.
Although the rally was organized to commemorate the Battle of Kohima, the message of the Rally is "peace and brotherhood." The Rally flagged off at the DDSC Stadium at 8 am and culminated at here at the World War 2 Museum at 1:30 PM covering 74 kilometres.
(2008) "DDSC, "A Density Differentiated Spatial Clustering Technique", Journal of Computers, vol.
Provide a graduate of the DDSC with a complex issue and allow them the time to formulate different courses of action using the tools they were taught.
Recently DDSC (Density Differentiated Spatial Clustering) is proposed.
Her article discussed an increased demand for our four-day Defense Decision Support Course (DDSC) as individuals anticipated DoD FM Certification requirements.
Many instructors in professional military education schools (DFMC&S and DDSC) offer to serve as mentors.
Defense Decision Support Course (DDSC) Defense Financial Managers Course (DFMC)
Since that time, the school has evolved from a single twelve-week course to a four-week course in comptrollership--the Defense Financial Management Comptroller Course (DFMC)--plus a one-week Defense Decision Support Course (DDSC), in residence or mobile all tailored to meet the current needs of DoD's dynamic (and tough) financial environment.
In January 2012 the demand for our Defense Decision Support Course (DDSC) skyrocketed.
We instruct students attending both the Defense Financial Management Course (DFMC) and the Defense Decision Support Course (DDSC) in how to apply DS methods to complex resource allocation problems facing their organizations in these fiscally challenging times.