DDSIDigital Descriptor Systems, Inc. (Farmingdale, NJ)
DDSIDependability Development Support Initiative (2001-2002)
DDSIDirectorate of Defense Services Intelligence
DDSIDivorce, Drugs, and the Slipping Image (book)
DDSIDual Direct Spark Ignition
DDSIDirection Développement du Système d'Information (French: Development Department Information System)
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DDSI will continue to provide mapping for natural gas pipeline, fiber optic, and municipal utilities as it has for the last decade, as well as serving its multiple clients in the Barnett Shale (Ft.
DDSI is confident that its expansion into Texas and Colorado as well as the addition of professional land surveyors to its staff will enhance the efficiency and cost effectiveness its clients have come to expect.
Through the partnership, DDSI collects and reuses the extra tri-walls to reduce costs.
When it was suggested that DDSI collect and reuse a portion of our excess, we immediately saw a win-win situation.
DDSI benefits by being able to significantly reduce the number of new tri-walls it has to purchase for distribution operations.
Although the NEX tri-walls have been "gently-used," they are still perfect for many of the same requirements for which DDSI had been using their new--and much costlier--tri-walls.
CDR Mark Semmler rounded out the Sigonella discussions by recapping EUCOM's goals, outlaid in the July 2006 conference, then addressing what DDSI has done in coordination with Sigonella's logistics partners to solve issues and attain objectives.
DDSI is strategically positioned on southern strategic lift route into and through EUCOM as a joint provider of a full range of distribution support and services with state of the art facilities and available capacity to expand by 100 percent.
It's a key DDSI core competency to marry material with an underway ship as they converge on a shore location.
DDSI accommodates efficient movement of mail, general and hazardous cargo, and prime vendor food and medicines in large and small volumes while maintaining full accountability and in-transit visibility via standardized transaction processing and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) capability.
Physically located at DDSI, the Consolidated Customer Service Center has significantly reduced the need for units to call multiple activities for logistics support answers.
Receiving a plaque, from FISC Sigonella, CAPT John Camuso, Commanding Officer; from NASSIG Air Terminal, CDR Charles Huff; from NASSIG Supply Department, LCDR Doug Harold; and from DDSI, CDR Mark Semmler.