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DDSTDenver Developmental Screening Test (child development)
DDSTDouglas Dolfins Swim Team (Minden, NV)
DDSTDeputy Director Supply and Transport (Australia)
DDSTDothan Dolphin Swim Team (Dothan, AL)
DDSTDeployment and Distribution Support Team (US Army)
DDSTDouble Differential Space Time (coding scheme)
DDSTDownsized Deployable Satellite Terminal
DDSTDeputy Director for Science and Technology (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
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meropenem, imipenem and ceftazidime as a screening and confirmatory agent for detection of MBL and also to assess the diagnostic potential of DDST, DPT and MIC reduction test for detection of MBL.
15 In DDST, an imipenem (10ug) disc was placed 20mm apart (centre to centre) from a blank disc containing 10ul of 0.
The different formats include the DDSTs using 2-mercaptoacetic acid or EDTA, combined disk tests with dipicolinic acid or EDTA, and IPM/IPM-EDTA E-test strips.
After the evaluation of descriptive knowledge, DDST was applied to examine the developmental levels of children.
In addition, with support from the chief residents, one of the authors (Yaeger) approached attending physicians and residents in the EU physician workspace to demonstrate the DDST and KP at the point of care.
In 12 of the subjects with sepsis, DDST II results were abnormal and the relation was significant (p<0.
February 7--The battalion DDST was reduced to myself, Chris Goss, transportation management division chief, and Staff Sgt.
Comparison of MHT, CDT, DDST and E-test found DDST and CDT to be more sensitive for P aeruginosa (13).