DDSTSDouble-Door Sealed Transfer System
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In laboratories, where molecular methods are not available, the DDSTs would serve as a useful screening technique.
baumannii clinical isolates that were MBL producers on the basis of DDST were detected among collections of isolates from patients hospitalized during the study period.
continues its mission to support units deploying and redeploying, DDSTs will continue to be the key to guaranteeing success.
The successful completion of operations March 19 at Illesheim, Germany demonstrated the agility and flexibility of the 838th Transportation Battalion Deployment and Distribution Support Team (DDST).
The responsiveness of the DDST in executing an unexpected mission demonstrated the team's intended role in providing support to deploying and redeploying units, according to Maj.
"These teams bring a highly specialized skill set to the fight," said DDST member Sgt.
Also, the battalion commands a multifunctional DDST with a permanent presence in five locations in the OEF AOR.
April-May 2008--Deployed a DDST to Pisco, Peru to discharge and disposition 351 pieces of equipment aboard the Cape Knox in support of the exercise NEW HORIZONS.
The DDST moved and tracked cargo from the time it departed home station to the port of debarkation to the port of embarkation to the foxhole or in this case to the field training exercise site.
And, the DDST was the vital link to the entire process as they provided custom clearance support, documentation support, intransit asset visibility through the use of RFID, shipping instructions, dispatch instructions, coordination of Material Handling Equipment, vessel operations, onward movement operations, unstuffing and unlashing support, and complete command and control overall equipment entering the Philippines."
By only having one organization provide command oversight of the complete E2E process the DDST was able to keep the exercise commanders informed on when the cargo departed its home station, where it was currently located, when it was due to arrive in the Philippines, and most importantly when it arrived at its final destination and in the user units possession.
With the DDST providing sole command oversight of all sealift cargo entering the Area of Operation the exercise commander was able to call on one organization and that was SDDC in the form of a DDST.