DDTCDirectorate of Defense Trade Controls
DDTCDauphin Dog Training Club (Harrisburg, PA)
DDTCDandie Dinmont Terrier Club (dog breed club; est. 1875; UK)
DDTCDigital Deployed Training Campus
DDTCDiscrete Donut Twisted Chain (model of space and matter)
DDTCDayton Dog Training Club
DDTCDatalink Delivery of Taxi Clearance (aviation)
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25) Defense Distributed then submitted to DDTC a commodity jurisdiction request pertaining to the computer numerical code that operates Ghost Gunner as well as to the Ghost Gunner itself.
So, the US government can heave a sigh of relief that US national security has been safeguarded and foreign policy objectives have not been derailed because an evil plot to supply me with five plastic shock buffers was foiled by the ever-vigilant DDTC.
On the military side, DDTC controls certain chemical and biological agents and associated equipment that have been or could be weaponized within Category XIV of the USML.
Running the model, on average it appears DDTC receives about eight to 39 requests a month for space systems.
DDTC regulates items in order to "advance national strategic objectives and U.
Even though I have had some really good people working at DDTC, they were spending a lot of time trying to find a solid precedent, resulting in the complete review of only two licenses a day, not ten.
To conduct its work, GAO obtained and analyzed State arms export case data for fiscal year 2003 through April 30, 2007; reviewed relevant laws, regulations, and guidelines, as well as DDTC funding and staffing information; and interviewed State and Department of Defense officials and selected arms exporters.
While parties to a transaction may reach agreement as to those liabilities and claims that will be assumed by the buyer, DDTC and the Bureau of Industry and Security may hold the buyer directly responsible for even those liabilities and claims that the parties assigned to the seller.
The addition of the surveillance information to the DDTC display will provide users with real-time positive identification, including flight ID, and position of aircraft operating in the ramp area.
Tenders are invited for Buildings on two bid system (Technical Bid and Financial Bid) for the work of Additional / Alteration at level -II DDTC for shifting Psychiatry OPD from New OPD Block.