DDTFData Dictionary Task Force (of the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation)
DDTFDynamic Docking Test Facility (NASA/JSC Houston, Texas)
DDTFDirect Drive Turbo Fan
DDTFDangerous Dog Task Force
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Iain Sanderson, Director of Anesthesia Informatics at Duke University Medical Center and the project's Technical Director, The DDTF expects to have a preliminary reference data set available for review in October 2002 to coincide with the Annual Meeting of the American Society of Anesthesiologists.
Supported by a seed grant from the APSF and contributions from each of the corporate participants, the DDTF will focus initially on leveraging existing standards and lexicons, as well as collecting and comparing data elements from installed clinical information systems to determine common terms.
The DDTF was formed to address two interrelated objectives: Identification of the specific perioperative outcomes that should be investigated and what are the important questions in anesthesia that should be asked, and answered through data collection, and analysis to achieve the greatest immediate patient benefit?