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DDTSDigital Data Transmission System
DDTSDistributed Defect Tracking System
DDTSDon't Drop the Soap
DDTSDynamic Docking Test System
DDTSDirect Digital Telephone Service
DDTSDiploma in Defence Technology and Systems
DDTSDoo Doo Time Spectacular
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The two primary bodies of evidence were integrated using the hazard identification scheme to provide a preliminary classification of the obesogen hazard identified for DDTs ("known," "presumed," "suspected," or "not classifiable" hazard for humans; Figure 1).
The complex relationships between the levels of DDTs and other lipophilic pollutants, serum lipids, and obesity are not fully understood (La Merrill et al.
There were fewer cases of medicated hypertension among women in the lowest tertile of prenatal exposure to each of the DDTs compared with their respective higher tertiles (Table 2).
Hazard ratios (HRs) of the association between prenatal DDTs and daughters' medicated hypertension.
Although the two data sources differed in linkage to diseases, integrated results predicted that most diseases were linked to the two DDT isomers.
BACKGROUND: People who live in dwellings treated with indoor residual spraying (IRS) of DDT [1,1,1-trichIoro-2,2-bis(p-chlorophenyl)ethane] for disease-vector control in the tropics and indigenous populations in the Arctic who comsume marine mammals experience high nonoccupational exposure to DDT.
Three categories of mating pairs were established for each dose of DDT: exposed female x solvent control male (n = 6 pairs per dose), exposed male x solvent control female (n = 6 pairs per dose), and exposed male x exposed female (n = 6 pairs per dose).
Although the question of the carcinogenicity (as well as other health effects) of PCBs and DDTs in humans is far from being settled (10), there is a high concern for the continuous decrease of their concentrations in the food chain and humans.