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DDUDotation de Développement Urbain (French: Provision of Urban Development)
DDUDelivered Duty Unpaid (shipping)
DDUDvd Device Unit
DDUDelivery Duty Unpaid
DDUDynamic Deframe User
DDUDelivered Duty Unpaid
DDUDestination Delivery Unit (USPS)
DDUdestination delivery unit (US Postal Service; fee for bulk mail)
DDUDeutsche Diabetes Union (German: German Diabetes Union)
DDUDistribution Directe d'Usine (French: Factory Direct Distribution)
DDUDecommutator Distribution Unit (US NASA)
DDUDrugs of Dependence Unit (South Australia)
DDUDual Diagmosis Unit (various locations)
DDUData Display Unit
DDUDutch Delta University (Netherlands)
DDUDansk Dart Union
DDUDisk Drive Unit
DDUDymaxion Deployment Unit (military shelter developed by R. Buckminster Fuller)
DDUDiagnostic Development Unit (various organizations)
DDUData Distribution Unit
DDUDevelopmental Disorder Unit
DDUDriver Display Unit
DDUDiploma of Diagnostic Ultrasound (Australasia)
DDUDunkin' Donuts University
DDUDermodistortive Urticaria
DDUDigital Data Unit
DDUDevelopmental Deviations Unit
DDUDrug Detection Units (Pakistan)
DDUDevice Diagnostic Unit
DDUDirect Deployment Unit
DDUDrogue Deployment Unit
DDUDelayed Death Unit (in hospitals)
DDUDelivery Distribution Unit
DDUDynamic Directory Update
DDUDarling Diapers Unlimited (website)
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Raghu Raj Singh, who was working as an intern at DDU, treated the prisoner.
In association with the DDU project, the company's wholly owned subsidiary, Tesoro Alaska, has entered into a five-year agreement to supply gasoline and ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) to Flint Hills Resources Alaska, LLC.
Thirty-six states have embraced the idea of lockdown for their "problem" inmates; some have built spanking-new high-tech supermax prisons, while others have added high-security units like the DDU to existing facilities.
We have 175 registered thalassaemia- affected children," said Dr Jiledar Singh, medical superintendent, DDU Hospital.
Tender notice number : Running of Canteen services at DDU Hospital
We assume the donors are patients' attendants," said Dr Jiledar Singh, medical superintendent of DDU Hospital.
Blame it on the poor management of the DDU hospital authorities that allows a major chunk of its blood units to " expire".
Arvind Sethi was rushed from a nursing home to the DDU hospital but he was declared brought dead by the doctors on duty.