DDVDroits de Vote (French: Voting Rights)
DDVDeutscher Derivate Verband (German: German Derivatives Association)
DDVDeutscher Dialogmarketing Verband eV (German: German Direct Marketing Association; formerly Deutscher Direktmarketing Verband)
DDVDirect Drive Valvetrain
DDVDialog Data Verification
DDVDrug Delivery Vehicle
DDVDroits de Vivre (French: Rights to Life)
DDVDroit d'Vélo (French: Right to Bike)
DDVDialog Data Validation
DDVDirect Drive Valve
DDVDerecho de Vía (Spanish: Right of Way)
DDVDownhole Deployment Valve (oil drilling)
DDVDigital Diffusion Vidéo (France)
DDVDisable Displacement Vessels
DDVDue Diligence Visit (US IRS)
DDVDeep Diving Vehicle
DDVDenys Dyachuk Victorovich (Studio)
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shared 18 cases of replantation series following penile amputations in Thailand, mostly due to partner violence.[10] In their technique, the only microstructure they repaired was the DDV and in one case a superficial dorsal vein.
DDV's ratings and Negative Outlook reflect headwinds to the company's operating profile as well as a longer time to de-lever post the January 2017 LBO than was originally anticipated.
These units contain mostly signal-level electronics, and current drivers for solenoid-operated valves (most of which remain energized continuously for mode control), and for Main Control Valves (which demand little current on average, but can briefly reach ~ 1 A per valve for DDV's).
[c.sup.2][gamma][m.sub.0](t - r/c) = [c.sup.2][gamma][m.sub.0](t) + [[integral].sub.V] DdV = [c.sup.2][m.sub.0](t) + [E.sub.i] (181)
Fehring propone cuatro modelos para la validacion de diagnosticos: modelo de validacion de contenido (DCV), modelo de validacion clinica enfocado a la percepcion del paciente, modelo de validacion de diagnosticos diferenciales (DDV) y, por ultimo, el modelo de validacion clinica (CDV) (13); este ultimo modelo seleccionado para la validacion clinica del diagnostico de enfermeria "riesgo de violencia dirigida a otros", en adolescentes escolarizados.
Atlantic Gold, owned and operated by Australia-based DDV Gold Ltd., will be able to ramp up to production mode quickly after securing financing.
[16.] Bundeszahnarztekammer, Kassenzahnarztliche Bundesvereinigung Ed.(2001): The Dental Vademecum, Das Dental Vademeckum(Ddv), 7: 598-603
[sup.3]H-dexamethasone binding assay was quantified by incubation of cytosols with [sup.3]H-dexamethasone using a commercially available kit according to the manufacturer's instructions (DDV Bichemie[R], Hoechst, Frankfurt, Germany).