DDVCDual Discrete Video Circuit (hardware)
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From Figure 7, it can be seen that the number of clusters formed using HCA surpasses the number of clusters formed using the SCBC, DDVC, DLDC, MPBC, and MOBIC schemes.
The DDVC allows abused women who enter the UK on spousal visas three months breathing space to sort out their immigration status, during which time they now have access to basic welfare benefits.
On the second anniversary of the DDVC, there is still further to go.
Markov model (Markov process model) [33] is utilized for availability analysis of VLWBC versus WCA (weighted clustering algorithm) [11] and DDVC (dynamic Doppler velocity clustering) [9] algorithms.
DDVC algorithm was proposed by Sakhaee and Jamalipour in 2008 [9] and WCA algorithm was proposed by Chatterjee et al.
In the case of a virtually perfect trial (a standstill trial without hand contact, where also reading errors and measurement noise are nulled) each dDVC equals 0 and each spv equals 1.
Abbreviations Au: Autonomy EC: Eyes closed DVC: Delos vertical controller dDVC: Absolute instant deviation of DVC measure from the average axis DT: Double stance test EO: Eyes open PIx: Average postural instability in the frontal plane PIxy: Average postural instability or amplitude of the postural cone PIy: Average postural instability in the sagittal plane Ps: Precautionary strategy (the complementary value of Au) SI: Stability index spv: Sample performance value ST: Single stance test.